Wednesday, January 4, 2017

WINTER DECOR IDEAS for Decorating your Home after Christmas.


WOW!  The holidays are behind us and all the festivities and busyness of the season went by so fast, I cannot believe it is already 2017.  

Well, I love the holidays as I am sure you do.  I love the music, the decor, the cookies, drinks,  family gatherings and things Christmas!  

I can tend to go a bit over board sometimes with my decorating I ended up this year with 5 trees going up and red everywhere.  I tend to gravitate to more neutral palette, so after 4 weeks or so of all the busyness of my Holiday decorations, I am ready to pack it up and simplify my surroundings.  But, I really enjoy the coziness of the twinkling lights, fire place roaring, the frosted greenery and cheerful pillows, when I take everything down, 
it is almost sad.  
I want to continue that cozy feeling and a bit of the twinkle without the Christmas theme.  
So how do I accomplish this?  

I thought I would share a little photo tour of my family room with a bit of winter cozy design.


Ok, so I finally gave in last year to my family's pleadings for a wall mounted tv above the fireplace!

Argh...  I really do enjoy the picture  but a design nightmare for me, although I know I live in REAL life, this is a REAL home, and we are a  REAL family, so we have a tv above our fireplace like millions of other homes across the world!  

My dilemma is always how to decorate my mantle and try not to make the television the focus point of the room, I want to try to make it blend, I have tons of ideas which require construction and such (aka: MONEY), but for now, I just use what I have to add to the areas "around" the tv and my husbands speakers....

So this is how our family room looks for January keeping it cozy  and casual with a flair of Bohemian drama, my "go to" style!  I always use lots of candle light and cozy blankets all around to wrap up in and cuddle up.

So lets start here with my SOFA.  It is a very used and well worn sectional that   my family tends to lounge in morning, noon and night...  When the all the Red and Santa pillows are packed up I bring out the soft, plush and cozy white pillows.  I just layer what I have and maybe add a new one here and there... My family demands "usable" pillows; meaning ones they can lay their head on without getting poked with sequins,  jewels or feathers... So we compromise; I get to add just a few of my "decor" pillows to the layers of soft. 

So, the bay window:  I have swapped out my drapes for an all white backdrop for the room, I usually do this as I decorate for Christmas, I prefer a soft background to loud colors.

I also added new lamps from my inventory at the shoppe (Fluer de Chic, see below) with a metallic touch.  The winter scenery with deer pillow can stay out for most of the winter season.. I love that!  

Ok, so for the most part, I pack up all greenery, but this pitcher fits the bill filled with wintery branches of pinecones and soft lights... I just added 2 glittery feathers to the pot.

This little vignette on my coffee table was fun to create.  The exotic carved wood tray was the perfect nesting spot for a few more candles and a few fun elements.  If you notice here I used an odd number of objects and a variety of finishes that all complimented each other  to achieve this collected and cohesive look.  I added just a pop of that blue green to my soft white and metallic palette, you can see repeated through the room, with my throw blankets in the basket and touches of it on my rug.  

Just another view of the vignette.

As I mentioned before I have just a touch of the blue/green color throughout the room.  It tends to be a color I gravitate to.  I love my rug because I can choose to pull any color from it to decorate.  I keep my walls and furniture neutral and that way it is easy to change things out without having to make big investments.  Little things like pillow, vignettes or lamps can easily be swapped out each season!  

This is just showing the texture of the metallic lamps.  I love to mix textures and styles.

I love this room and how it all came together with a cozy feeling for the winter months.

A home should tell a story and be inviting all while looking collected over time.  I love to mix all the different styles here to create a room that is comfortable 
and reflects my family's style.  

I hope you enjoyed this quick photo tour, I hope to share more rooms with you soon as well 
as a "HOW TO VIDEO" on creating winter centerpieces.  So stay tuned.  

Thank you for reading and I hope to inspire you for creating a cozy landing spot in your home for the winter months.    


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Sofa:  Pottery Barn  (comfort collection)
Coffee table:  West Elm
Rattan Chair: Pottery Barn
Chalk Painted Dresser:  (custom design by I Dream of Jeanne Design)
Rug:  Target
Pillows:  Target, Pottery Barn, Home Goods, Ikea
Lamps:  Fluer de Chic  (from I Dream of Jeanne Design)
Fluer de Chic, a small unique boutique located in Chesterfield MO.
16636 Old Chesterfield Rd.

Candle sticks:  I Dream of Jeanne Design (featured at Fluer de Chic and online soon)
All Decor Items from Varied stores:  Fleur de Chic, Home Goods, Pottery Barn, and more.

Thank you again for reading!

Thursday, December 1, 2016


OH my goodness it has been too long friends!  Life has been crazy over here and somehow blogging had gone to the wayside for a while.    But, my DIY projects as well as custom work have been going FULL speed ahead.  This past year has been full of exciting new adventures including 
I DREAM OF JEANNE DESIGN is now featured in a brick and mortar  shop!
Located right here in the Chesterfield Valley of Missouri.  I have joined forces with some of the areas most talented women and small business owners and collaboratively we all support, work, design and  offer unbelievable design, home decor, gifts, custom design work and painting, upholstery, florals, French style clothing and more!  
If you are ever in the area please stop by and visit us at 
Fleur de Chic 16636 Old Chesterfield Rd, 
Chesterfield, Missouri.


I do love sharing tutorials of projects I am working on.  So today I am sharing a tutorial on a Christmas project for my front door.  

A Jingle Bell Swag.

Isn't this just gorgeous!!

So, normally I do a little photo and step by step tutorial on my blog, but today I am also going to share a video of HOW TO, so you can see in person how it comes together.  

So first I will share a few pics of supplies I used and then watch the short video of how I put it all together, so easy and quick you will not believe!


 1 large variegated Christmas Swag  4 foot
2 Large Jingle Bells
1 roll of 4 inch wired edged ribbon
floral wire
zip ties

Ok, I am showing you a pre made bow... But my next tutorial will show the EASIEST HOW TO 
you will ever see to make your own bow!  

And now a little video tutorial:

I hope you enjoyed my short Tutorial and inspire you to create your own Home Holiday Decor!  

Remember you can find me and all of my creations FOR SALE at Fleur de Chic.  I am hoping to add an online store to my site soon... So be sure to stay tuned for that!!  


I am truly happy to share another HOW TO with you.  

I appreciate your support!  

Have a wonderful day!  


Tuesday, September 8, 2015


FINALLY FRIENDS.... our project is complete, time to share:

Time to relax, because the hard work is complete and enjoy a little drink!  

 Remember what our yard looked like before?  

Here it  is now:

This was a long process in the making... Last year we had the 2 large 

trees removed behind the house.  Let things settle a bit, and this spring 

we started demolition on the backyard you can read  all about that here:


and here:


This was a family project.  Everyone had their part in it... Lots of sweat,  

teamwork,  power tools and  contractors were used during this process!!!

I will have to say that it does make a difference to sit under our pavilion knowing

that we built it from the ground up ourselves!!


The water feature is all of our families favorite spot!  

The soothing sound of the water is really relaxing.

You can see that we continued a theme of the boulders throughout the landscape.

We even have a few incorporated into our patio.  We chose to go with exposed 

aggregate for its texture and durability!

(Don't mind how I have been neglecting to water the sod!)

I really wanted low maintenance garden for privacy.  This is an

extension of our home, so having that feeling of being cozy was very important!

We installed low voltage  landscape lighting  around the exterior, 

lighting up trees and pathways.  

Just gorgeous at night!

This  ceiling was  a tedious labor of love!!  

Each and every piece of that stained ceiling was installed by hand!  

By yours truly,  my husband and son, even my dad had stopped by 

and climbed the roof to help!  

We decided to go with these strands of outdoor bistro lights, rather than

traditional lighting or spotlights.  We used all Edison bulbs, really a cool effect!

The lighting is installed on a dimmer so we can create the perfect

lighting for any mood or party.

I used traditional living room style furnishings made 

for the outdoors,  a comfy spot to sit and relax!   

I chose this exotic stone granite for our tops.  It has beautiful colors and movement

to pull out the red in the bricks and not too busy for the space.

This is the perfect area for entertaining and outdoor meals!

Remember the whole backdoor delima I had posted before...?

We decided no  steps and had the concrete raised so we

could step right outside... So much easier and love the streamlined entry.

(New outdoor lantern to be installed and exterior door, now that construction is over)

A few plantings and color really brighten up the space...  

I really love this grass we planted, the purple colors are so soothing and 

I love the breezy look and how it softens this hard space...

Just a little more color.

Thanks for taking the tour of our 

#projectdreambackyard with us!  

I hope this backyard space inspires you...

Again, love to hear your comments and appreciate you reading!

Talk to you soon!  

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Monday, June 15, 2015

A "Shabby Chic Glam" Vintage Makeover

Happy Monday Friends!!!

I have been so busy trying to get ready for VINTAGE BLISS MARKET 

here in St Louis, MO this upcoming weekend : June 20-21.  

Busy searching for "Just the right" inventory and Reviving each of my vintage pieces 

I plan to take to the show.  Not to mention all the while with my 19 month old 

foster daughter under my feet and on my lap constantly and my other

three children home for Summer Break... makes for a crazy couple of weeks!

  Being a Vintage Revivalist is not just about

buying and selling to me... I search for pieces that I like; meaning I like their lines and

shape and usually can envision in my head transformation before I get it home!!

That is what it is about for me... Putting my stamp on my pieces,  not just painting 

but creating something that reflects personality and this year I really

want to add a touch of whimsy and FUN for the show!!    Not wanting shoppers

to be tired of the same old same old, I decided I would shake things up a bit!

Here is the BEFORE photo... A nice Thomasville writing desk:

It has that old 60's or 70's speckled wood finish... Kind of boring on its own.

I love the shape of this piece, the sexy curves and possibilities!!!  

So I envisioned in a soft gray... I used Tritan Gray Chalk Paint, which is one of my signature

Chalk Paint colors that are only $10.00.  Fantastic coverage and great "seaside" colors.

You can contact me via Facebook to order yours today!!

What do you think?

This piece was a lot of fun to work with... I Love adding a touch of Glam

to my shabby chic projects!   Check out those sexy gold dipped legs.

I added new mirrored glass hardware.

I painted the interior  white and added chalk board doors to the interior

(don't mind this pic... those doors have been touched up with paint... I just snapped the photo
before I was complete!!)

I added these fun gold metallic painted stencils to the piece for an little extra!!

Now, for the fun!  I did not want just a regular chair for this:

  I took the ordinary Vintage Ladies Sitting Chair...

I went with a Modern and Funky look!

I think this is my favorite!!  I painted the entire chair in metallic Gold.

And reupholstered the seat in Faux Sheepskin!  

This is the best part of my job!!  I get to bring my vision

to others through my Vintage Revival business!!  

I cannot wait to take this any many more pieces to the show this weekend!!

Thank you so much for reading... and  stay tuned

for more of my Vintage Revival Reveals Soon!


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Here is all about Vintage Bliss Market!!