Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bulls Eye, Flubber and Marie Antoinette

 So I have a million things to accomplish!
But, my boys are on spring break!  It is
cold outside, and I am more of an arts
and crafts time mom, not so much up on
wrestling, playing video games, farting
in jars, whatever it is that boys think is cool!
So what to do , what to do with the dudes
during break to make it fun!?  We decided to
head over to Bass Pro shop and purchase
archery stuff!!  That sounds like fun! 

 Bow and Arrow Set:  $29.99, target: $39.99, extra arrows: $15.99, my 6 year old hitting bullseye:  PRICELESS!!!   
I am pretty happy with our boy time activities so far!!  I think they are too!
Well, it is only day 3 in the break and my 6 year old needs activities EVERYDAY, almost every moment!  He is the busy sort!  Did I mention I have a million things I need to get done... (master bedroom remodel to finish, office in disarray, work...) So we decided to do a little sciency experiment:  Flubber!!
This was a pretty simple project using school glue, water, food coloring and Borax.  We mixed it all together and big sister wanted to join in on the fun.(She goes to different school and is NOT on break, of course)  So we decided to make blue flubber!  This kept him happy for about 10 minutes!!!  But it was fun to watch them mix it all up and have a good time!

We have an entire list of projects that he wants to try before break is over. Did I mention our break is 2 weeks long? Our goal: One experiment or project a day!  I'm already tired!! Did I mention I worked all morning then to wear my dog, and  little man out, we went for a run at the park, lil' man on his bike, dog on his leash and me helping every 5 minutes after a crash!!  Oh well, I  will get back to working out in 2 weeks!! 

Oh, and Marie Antoinette!!  So in between  working, doing projects with the boys, shopping at Bass Pro and picking up my daughter at school, momma needed just a few minutes of refresh time to run a quick browse through Home Goods.  ( I do this often, you never know each week what you could find)  So I ran into my new friend Marie Antoinette!  I love this girl.  My plan is to use her in my newly remodeled bedroom to hold some of my favorite necklaces and my favorite cowgirl hat, but again, that room isn't finished, so she is sitting pretty in my office sporting some antique pearls.   I enjoy looking at her while I type my blog.  I really need to type those work emails...
Talk to you soon!

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