Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First day of Spring.


Today was the first day of Spring!!  I cleaned up the landscaping, mulched, hung my spring wreath, but it is still cold, I mean bone chillin cold here!! 

I guess my Welcome was not enough for warm weather!  The sun was finally shining though, it has been quite gloomy and grey here, so the sun was a nice treat!

I love the sound of the birds in the Springtime, the fresh smell of the air, bright and happy daffodils blooming and smiling at me.  I love the idea of opening windows and letting in fresh air, the thought of barbeques, longer walks outside with the dog, not bundled up and miserable!

Hurry up warm weather, we are waiting on you!


Be sure to wish warm thoughts too!  I am ready to start planting my garden and be outside!  I had a piece of furniture to finish up in the garage, one of the last for my bedroom, my hands were numb from the cold, I had to complete it, I could not wait around for a warm day any longer!  Glad it is finished, but I think I will wait a bit longer to start on the garden.


Whether you were bundled up in the cold, or enjoying warm and balmy weather, I hope you had a

wonderful first day of Spring!


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