Friday, March 22, 2013

Love notes, Chicken Soup and Enormous Muffins

So my baby boy left early this morning on a trip to Disney World with Grandma and Grandpa.  It was hard to see him go without me.  As I watched his brave and excited little self roll his suitcase to the car turn and wave,  I had no tears...
I wave them off as they drive towards the airport, good I made it, I was ok!  Two seconds later, my oldest hands me a folded note, that my little man left  to let me know he was ok!!  Talk about tear jerker!! He is so sweet and thoughtful. 
He has started a habit of leaving these darling handwritten notes in my husbands suitcase every time he travels.  He also snuck a note in my suitcase the last time my  I  went to Chicago.  It kind of melts your heart and means so much.  It is a shame that most people do not share hand written notes of thoughtfulness, love or just sweet nothings, it can make a persons day! 
Today is a busy day.  After sending off my boy, I hit the gym, catch up on overflowing laundry,   I am dog sitting my parents pooch and I need to get to my daughters school this afternoon for cheer practice.  Oh yeah, I am  a cheer coach and we have a performance tonight.  So dinner needs to be quick and healthy!  Thought I would share with you my quickest and delcious chicken soup recipe for the crockpot!   
2-3 lbs of Chicken Breasts or Tenderloins (I use frozen, its easy!)
2 containers of Organic Chicken Broth (I buy this in bulk at Costco)
1 Bag of Celery, chopped
3-4 whole carrots, peeled and chopped
1 small yellow onion
 couple of dashes of CUMIN
couple of dashes of TUMERIC

Add all the ingredients into the crockpot as you chop.  Then cover with the lid and set on low.  It simmers all day and is  ready by the time you come home.  I usually take two forks and shred the chicken while still in the soup, and let simmer a few more minutes.  Occasionally I add some egg noodles, or rice, but it tastes great just as it is.  The kids love it and it only took me a few minutes in the morning to prepare a healthy and homemade meal!  I hope you enjoy!  Serve with fresh french bread or crackers!
Now, about the muffin part in my title;  As I sit here and blog, I of course need energy
and I DID go spinning this morning, so I deserve a treat.  I just had to comment though, this
muffin is ENORMOUS!  I mean it is almost as big as the plate and bigger than my coffee cup.  No
person should consume a muffin this big at one sitting, but that is hard not to do!  "Costco, just because we buy toiletpaper, chicken stock, and cereal in bulk, does not mean you need to bake in bulk sizes!!!  It is downright mean to tempt us to eating so many calories at one time!"
Happy Friday.

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