Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Duck Phone...Says "LOVE!"

Does the Duck Phone speak the language of "Love" to you?  To me, it does.  Let me explain how I relate the two...  I have  or had a guilty pleasure that I do not share with most people, I was a fan of "Jersey Shore!"  Yes, I know, many of you shake your head in disbelief, "What could be entertaining about that?"  Well, I loved how all of my day to day stresses or  strains of the daily grind could be swept away in the drama of 8 extremely tanned, Affliction clothes wearing, drunk in public, peeing in the streets group of  Jersey natives could make me laugh!  Yes, I could forget about life for a while and watch others behave with no filters and be wild and say things that maybe they regret later all in the public eye! I found it entertaining, but I watched after everyone else in my house went to  bed, I always had the DVR set.  I really never shared my secret guilty pleasure with others, but my husband knew.  He would just roll his eyes and be sure to watch television in another room. To each their own right?  Well, as the season ended, the infamous Duck Phone became a hot commodity.   It was a rare find, and an expensive one on the EBay circuit.  Low and behold, many months after the last episode aired, my loving husband surprised me with my very own "Duck Phone," for Valentines Day! A very special Valentines indeed, I now have a goofy and  hideous quacking phone of my very own, all because my husband loves me!  He knows me so well, he got me a little piece of nostalgia for my very own collection!  Thank you my love!  Also, Thank you cast of Jersey Shore for entertaining me for many summers of Crazy!!
"Cabs are here!"

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