Tuesday, March 5, 2013

To live a Creative Life...


If you know me, or have even been to my house, you know I change something around just about every month or so… Maybe just a piece of furniture, maybe ALL of my throw pillows, my mantel décor, my dining room tablesetting,  new artwork or photography or even the furniture arrangement in a room.  I can’t help it, I’m creative and  constantly need change!   I love how my house is ever evolving, just like my life.  Each year is a different phase in life, I mean, it was just yesterday that I was a full time stay at home mom, with babies…  So as each phase in life changes, my style changes, my house changes, and of course do not forget my hair!!!   I do love having BIG kids now who help me  out when I feel a room needs a tweak to work with our lifestyle better… my oldest son is 5’10’’ and pretty strong, plays football and wrestles, so it is really nice to have an extra hand to move my big pieces around… He knows to run or hide if he hears me “Hey buddy, what are you doing?  Do you think you can help me a minute?.”  My kids know the drill now, I keep it exciting around here.  I love the way my home has become more of an extension of me and my family, I don’t decorate just to decorate; I decorate to feed our souls and to work with our lifestyle.  I know I have learned a lot over the years. One of those things is that you do not need expensive things or a particular style to decorate your home.  I feel that designing and decorating your house is just creating “Home.”  It is kind of like learning to put on your makeup; the point is not so people know you are wearing makeup, it is to look like a more enhanced you, naturally, it should be the same with your home.  You should never decorate to have a “designed home”, you want  your surroundings to reflect you and the personalities of those who live with you.  You want to create a cozy space that flows and possibly has a theme, but is more of a sense of self expression.  I think the older I become the more comfortable with myself I am, and expressing my self, even in my home.  I like vintage, bohemian, farmhouse, French country, a little glamour and beach bungalow looks, so I combine them to design “My look”.   Creating a cozy space where people love to visit and feel comfortable, including your own family is so important.  I love adding little momentos from our favorite trips or places we have visited, my childrens artwork, pictures of loved ones, favorite books, sea shells, antique furniture and modern pieces to  keep things fresh.  Just remember when creating “your space”, share bits and pieces of  “you” and don’t be afraid to change things out as your tastes change.  Just be sure to be comfortable with yourself and your decisions in your  surroundings, there is no right or wrong if you love it! Just Create!


“To live a Creative Life, We must lose our fear of being wrong!”




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