Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What are you reading this Spring in your reading nook?

This is my little reading nook in my office.  I wanted to share with you what I am reading this Spring, well, I read many books at one time but one that stands out to me so much is a special book that has helped me reflect about the people who have influenced my life.
Debbie Macomber, Gods Guest List (Howard Books) 2010
"Welcoming Those Who Influence Our Lives"
I enjoy this author who also writes fiction, but has taken on a different approach with this book.  I encourage anyone to read this title and be inspired, challenged and encouraged.
 The author shares  many personal stories throughout her life and whether they were dissappointing or exciting, she shows how those people have had made an impact in her life journey and growth.
I am very grateful for so many people I have crossed paths with in my life, I am grateful for even those that were prickly because I know that I have grown from experience.
I am grateful for my  childhood friends, my family, my husband, my children and so many others I have met along the way  and even those I have not yet had the pleasure to meet.  
...wise role models...often bring the gift of expanding horizons into our lives." pg. 22
...unexpected act of kindness from a stranger, offered when we least expect it, can become a springboard from which our own kindness can leap into the lives of others."  pg.43
...cranky people often offer us the gift of a fresh opportunity to develop patience."  pg. 63
...At its best, family gives us our sense of belonging." pg. 117
...Our childhood friends gave us the gift of becoming more than we could have been without their influence." pg. 153
Thanks for sharing my Spring read with me today. 
Happy reading!

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