Monday, March 11, 2013

Window Treatments on a budget!

I finally found the perfect match for my bay window in the family room!  I have struggled with the decision of how to finish this area for years.  I  just couldn't decide or find the perfect curtain for my room and taste!  I really would like plantation shutters, but I have soo many windows  in this house, all very large, and that gets very costly.  I have way too many other projects to spend my money on right now, like the hardwood and other large items in  my master bedroom remodel!  I thought about all white panels, which is a look I love, but really wanted the family room to be a bit more casual and I felt I needed a pop of color.  I didn't want to break the bank  purchasing curtains either.  So I got a little crafty and frugal about purchasing and hanging these...

Shopping online for my window treatments 
I thought would prove to be difficult, I mean
would they look like they did in the picture
are they going to go with the room.  So I
took a chance and found these fabulous
bohemian print panels at Tartget online.
Yep, I love Target.  I usually can find items
similar to ones from big name stores. 


Now, here is where I get crafty.  I have four windows in this bay window area, the ceilings are short and the space is tight.  I decided to only purchase 3 panels  to see if I could make it work.  Here is what I did, I cut one panel right down the middle and sewed a new seam and now I have four.  I really didn't need the curtains for function, just for looks, so it works for me!  Also, since it is a tight and low ceiling area, room for hardware is almost non existant, you won't believe how I hung these...
I used push tacks!  Yes,  I did!  It works great too!  So i just tacked from the backside rod tabs and then chose where I wanted each pleat and tacked again.  I think the look I accomplished with the pleats looks great and no one is wiser, well of course you know now, but you won't tell will you?


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