Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Before Photos of my daughters room...and my love of Pinterest.

My daughter just turned 11 on Monday.  She  is ready for a room update.  Yes, I am still in the midst of my own master remodel,  but who says you can have too many projects?
She chose the paint color a few years ago, it is almost a blinding bubblegum pink, in fact I think the color was pink lemonade!  The bedding is a quilt set from Pottery Barn Kids along with the tutu bedskirt.  The furniture is a set from my Great Grandmother that is almost 100 years old!  The finish has seen better days,  and the function is about the same.  The bedrooms in my home are not very large, and she would prefer to have more space to sprawl out in.  She is wanting a daybed.  She currently has a full size bed and wants the smaller twin.  We are still debating which bed to go with. 
The bed is beautiful but rather large with both headboards and footboards.
The cute little paper chandelier is also from Pottery Barn Kids.
She loves having the mirrors and drawers for hair, makeup and jewelry storage, but the piece takes up a lot of space.
American Girl Doll corner.  I think the doll furniture may go in storage for awhile.
Even our DIY chalkboard is pink!!
These are our tissue paper pom pom flowers.
Now, I would like to share a few "pins" of inspiration for this project.  I just love Pinterest!  Since I was a young girl, I have been cutting out pictures and tearing out pages from magazines and collecting ideas, colors, and inspiration.  I have pictures and pages everywhere, I have file folders for everything, but when it comes down to finding that picture, I am not organized!  When my friend
introduced me  to Pinterest, I was in love.  I love to be able to keep all my pins in separate little files, or "boards" so I can find recipes, colors, pictures, and DIY projects when I need them.
Here are some bed ideas:
Look at this little beauty.  I love the idea of using the doors for the bed.
This is a cool built in daybed.  I also love the storage underneath.
I also like the look of this type of daybed.  But, I am thinking on a  budget here, so this one is probably out.
The pallet bed idea is also cool!!
This is a beautiful Swedish daybed.  I wonder what they used to make this? 
I am adding this one, just because it is GORGEOUS!  This would be my top pick, if I were able to choose any bed I could, and if I were designing a room for myself.  I am keeping in mind that I am designing this for a tween!  I am looking for more of a DIY type of a project for her bed.
This looks comfortable and washable with the slipcover! 
This is another pallet bed, I like that they used an old door and pallets! 
Well, I still do not know which direction for the bed I am going.  So, first things first.  I need to get all the old out and start fresh... Maybe something NOT so pink!  Then, I plan to rip out the carpet.
After we neutralize the room with new paint and  hard surface floors, we can start building a new bed.  Stay tuned, I plan to share the demolition and the remodel process with you. 
Happy Wednesday!

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