Monday, April 29, 2013

Bye Bye Carpet, HELLO GIANT PROJECT!! Painted SubFloors.

So, today was to be my big reveal day of my master bedroom remodel... So sorry, as I write this post, my beautiful room I prepped, dusted and was so excited to share, became home of  each child's bedding and all their bedroom possessions!!  We decided to tear out ALL of the  carpet, so their stuff had to go somewhere...my reveal will have to wait for the dust to settle, literally, and my space to become my own again.

I cringe to show you this mess that has taken over my room!

 Does that ever happen to you?  You think you are going to do a small project or start one and it snowballs into several projects?  Around here, it is common!!

This is the project we started on, when the snowball started ROLLING!

So, I had already showed you pictures of my daughters room. We had decided to tear out her carpet and remodel, and just paint her sub floors.  Well, after all the dust and debris you find under one rooms carpet, you start thinking about all of the others.... and you see where this is going?  We tore out the carpet from little boo's room next, then continued into the hall and landing, and yup, tore out the stair carpet as well.  But, this revealed a beautiful surprise!! Hardwood treads underneath!!

Ugly Steps
Now, this stair area has been on my list for some time now, but we were not sure what lurked beneath... So we waited and worried about the costs.  I am planning on staining the treads and painting the trim. I think that project will wait a bit for now though.  I need a rest and to get my kids back to their rooms!

 The kids would help for short bursts, then get bored.

We really are not child slave drivers...They wanted to help!
The yucky tack strips.
But, tearing out carpet, comes with ALOT of work, you have tack strips, a million staples and such to clean up also, then you vacuum and sweep a million times to make sure you did not miss anything.  My sub floors also were not a nice clean plywood either...of course.  We had this rough pieced together type of wood, so a bit rough on the feet.  We decided to seal with oil based primer and seal the cracks , now the "decorative" treatment will be applied.  I will give a tutorial on this entire process if it ever is finished!!! 

This is how it looks now.

This week  I have a camp out in my family room, and a storage locker in my bedroom and a lot of sub floor to finish!!  I will be back soon!  Stay tuned for the finished product... No, really, I am going to show a finished product!  I cannot live like this for too long, IT WILL GET DONE!  Talk to you soon. 


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