Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shopping Trip and Easter Break...

I have been gone a few days... We will call it an Easter Break.  My family and I recently traveled about 1200 or so miles over the weekend to visit my husbands family in Dallas. 
So, needless to say, during the 12 hour drive each way, (I had to drive, husband had to work) and the busy festivies; church, Easter brunch, catching up with family, I didn't get a post finished! So now that I am home and trying to catch up unpacking, cleaning house, and getting kids back on schedule, I thought I would share some of my eclectic treasures I purchased!  I missed sharing with you.

Isn't this cute little clock delicious?  I just love the patina.  I  love any cool patina.  No shiny finishes for me.  This was  a great and inexpensive score from Home Goods! 
I have been looking for a yellow PEPSI crate for some time, I wanted to be sure there were still at least most of the dividers still in tact.  I FOUND IT!!  I  found this on a quick stop at a roadside Antique Shop in Steelville, Missouri.  I look forward to sharing what I use this for.
Now these were a Big Name Store find, but I couldn't resist, they were on clearance and I LOVE mercury glass.  (Pottery Barn)

I really loved this antique wall shelf with a wavy glass mirror and wall hooks the moment I saw it in a crowded booth in an antique mall!  This picture really doesn't do it justice, but it is great!
I love all things Beach, so no explanation needed here!
This is a beautiful mirror, kind of a starburst look.  My husband wanted us to use a starburst in our master bedroom, but I feel like they are too popular, so this alternative worked better for me.  It also has a delicious patina, sorry I didn't get a close up of that! It almost reminds me of a ship porthole, so that makes it even better!
I just love ( I know, I'm addicted to tattered paint and wood) this piece.  The saying was perfect for my master bedroom too!  I have not decided if I am going to keep it  or decide to recreate my own, from wood in my garage, but I had to pick up just in case I felt lazy! 
Cute little trinket from a funky little boutique called "The Funky Monkey" in Dallas!
Last, but not least... My cute little pig cutting board!  This guy is the perfect color and just too cute for my kitchen!  He adds a little bit of fun!
Well, those were my treasures!  I know, a very interesting mix, but I make it all work.  Stay tuned and I will show you how I use each item and how they add the perfect amount of eye candy to my home!  Talk to you soon. 

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