Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Beach Theme Family Room...

I was hoping to share more reveals with you this week, or "How To's", but amidst all the major projects I have going on, I was not ready!  So, THANKFULLY, before I started tearing up carpet and pulling out staples, sanding plywood, painting primer and setting up a campground in my family room, I had taken a few photos.  These are just a few pics of my "Beach themed" casual family room.  I cannot be more grateful that just last week, as I was cleaning and decided to simplify and set out a few summer items, I snapped a few shots.  The  Beach had been calling me!
Do you ever crave summer or the beach so much you decide to set up in your home?  I do, every year!  I love beach anything, but I want my surroundings to reflect the simple days of summer and the relaxed feel of the beach.  This year I decided to go a bit simpler than my usual style, but I love it!
This is our "hang out" room.  We listen to music, play games, cuddle up on our large sofa, watch movies, hang out with friends, drink wine, have popcorn parties, you name it, we do it here!!  What room is like that in your home?
I love this painted wood sign I scored from a city wide flea market in Seaside, Florida.  The mermaid was a Christmas present from my husband.  Isn't she cute?  I have a love of anything stars...especially starfish, I have them in every room of my home, including on all my window sills in the house, to see from the outside.  I have talked about my love of stars before, when I shared 11 things about myself, click here to read:

The family room is where I have combined antiques, found treasures, flea market finds, and my ever-so-comfy (washable, wearable, durable, slip covered) Pottery Barn sofa, tattered leather chair and more to create a room where you want to kick off your flip flops and stay awhile!

We own several guitars in our house.  I grew up with music and studied music in performing arts school when I was young.  I even had the opportunity to start and teach a music program at a local Christian school.  Our piano is in my office and more guitars are in the basement along with my  husbands antique saxophone from his father.  His father played saxophone in a jazz band!  I think music makes the world go round, but that is just me!

Can you tell I really like mermaids also?
Well, that is my summer family room style!  I hope I brought a little beach to your part of the world.  I look forward to visiting the beach again, but until then, sipping margaritas in my family room will have to do!  Thanks for reading.
My progress on the floors is coming along, I hope to share this process with you over the weekend!  So stay tuned.

Item List:
Wall Color:  Benjamin Moore "Coastal"
Green Pie safe:  local antique store(already painted a cool green)
We use this piece to hide our flat screen tv and equiptment
Sectional Sofa:  Pottery Barn
Leather Club Chair:  Arhaus
Rug:  Jute and Wool (Pottery Barn
Antique side cabinet:  (you won't believe it....Costco) reproduction
Cool lamps:  all HomeGoods
Lantern: Pottery Barn
Shells, Corals, Sea Sponge (all over, including a great little French Boutique in Savannah)
Mermaids:  gifts
Dresser turned family storage: painted and refinished by "I Dream of Jeanne Designs"
Window treatments:  Target online,  my curtain tricks, read here:


  1. Love it!! I love the fabulous color/pattern of your curtains and the fun beachy accents every where. I am a huge fan of the driftwood star too... would love to try diying one of those. I would thoroughly enjoy a margarita in this room!

    1. Thanks Krista!! I appreciate your compliments! I unfortunately did not DIY the driftwood star myself... I purchased from an artist in Seaside Florida. I would love to try also, if I could find that much time, each piece is individually nailed on top of the other... It is a heavy star! If you are ever in St Charles MO, please stop by I would love to share a margarita with you!!

  2. How you have brought the beach in to your home is so gorgeous, I'm so in love with the curtains among many other items in your home. So pretty. I love having shells in a room. You have captured the mood of the beach with that sea sign, did you make that? So simple but so poignant, gotta love it. So glad I found your blog, will be signing up to be a follower.
    We moved to San Diego from Tucson, AZ when our youngest child was 17 months and she among the other 3 kids were practically brought up at the beach. I'm a water lover and just love the beach atmosphere. If you haven't experienced it for yourself it's hard to describe.
    I can remember the smell of the wood fires, the sand, the ocean, remember walks down the boardwalk. Ah I'm making myself home sick for San Diego. My two oldest kids moved away but have moved back and are so happy. They live inland but spend time quite often at the beach areas.
    Think I need a visit to San Diego sometime soon. See what your post did? lol Happy Mother's Day
    Maybe I'll have to get out some of my beach decorations sooner this year.

    1. Thank you SO much for the sweet note! I am so happy I brought a little beach back to you! I love the beach and if I could I would live there as well. I am smack dab in the middle of land though here in Missouri! So, I just try to make my little slice of beach paradise here for myself! Thanks again for the kind words! I hope to hear from you again! Thanks for reading!!

  3. The curtains are beautiful in this post and I truly love the guitar! I love to play, not very good, but I love to play. My boys love to collect sea shells when we walk along the beach. I love the idea of displaying them in a big jar like that. Thank you so much for linking up with me @ Great Idea Thursday's! Krista @ A Handful of Everything

    1. Thank you so much for the blog love!! We collect shells every year at the beach! Thank you for having me at your Great Ideas party! Hope to link up with you again soon!

  4. I am in love with this room! I chose these as a feature from my last link party. Feel free to grab an "I've Been Featured" button from my Link Parties page. I'm glad you shared this!


    1. Thank you! I am so excited to be featured!