Monday, May 20, 2013

My Weekend Garage Sale Treasures and Family Fun!

Well, over the weekend my daughter wanted to go Garage Sale Shopping.  She wanted to find
a few fun items to do a sort of "Flea Market Flip".  We love to watch that show together on HGTV.  
If you have read my blog for any amount of time, I take old pieces on a regular basis and turn them into something great!  I love to UP-CYCLE!!  I actually even taught a class on up-cycling!  I loved to show kids how to take a Yard Sale or Flea Market find, or even curb side find and create something fun and new with it... We created some very fun items.  But honestly, furniture is my personal favorite!!  

Anyway, I got off track, sorry!  So, as we were Garage Sale bound, we ran into a FANTASTIC and FUN purchase that my kids had to have... can you guess it?  Yes, a trampoline!  It was a steal really, it only cost us $35.00 and they delivered for us and help me set it up!  The entire family has not stopped jumping!  You cannot help but smile or laugh, because you feel so free and it is fun to fly in the air!  

That was probably one of the best ever Garage Sale finds for us!!

TRAMPOLINE: $35  with delivery

Here are the other two purchases we made:


The brown elephant, because my daughter has a love of elephants!


This darling little footstool!  I love the braided chenille top.

Well, I usually do not leave anything the way I find it, so I got out my best friend,
"Old White" Chalk Paint.

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We decided to give the elephant a shabby chic look for my daughters Boho Chic room.

I decided to lighten up the stool a bit.  I painted those stubby little legs white!

Overall cost of shopping and fun this weekend $40.50!  
Not bad huh?  What did you do this weekend?

I am going to be sharing the finished "Tween Bedroom on a Budget" this week, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading.





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