Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Progress on Painted Floors...

I thought I would share progress today on my daughters bedroom.  I have finally just finished painting the floors.  As I type, I think I am leaving paint prints on my keyboard!   The floors are sub floor that needed some work under the carpet we tore out about a week or so ago. This has definitely been a time consuming project, but I like how it has turned out.  The best part is, I did it on virtually no budget, that is right just sweat equity, wood patch and paint!  Much more affordable right now than the $1000 for hardwood, that we would still have to install ourselves! 
I plan to share a complete tutorial on  how we did all of our painted floors soon.  I still have little boo's floor to paint! 
Here is a photo of painted floors before the stencil!

I have almost completed everything for this room. I have completed all the shabby chic furniture pieces, I will share with you soon.  Last night I went to the upholstery store for fabric and cushions to  make her daybed.  I will hopefully begin that project tonight.  It is going to be stunning!
Here is the same photo with the stenciled floor.
 Stay tuned, I will be sharing how I turn this room into a "Bohemian Tween Retreat" soon!
Have a Terrific Tuesday!
I am sharing my painted floors over at...


  1. This looks fantastic. A lot of work...good job, way to stick with it:)
    Jen @ Once Upon a Time Creation

    1. Thank you so much! I really do love how they look, I started moving furniture in the room last night, I cannot wait for it all to be complete. Please check back to see finished project! Thanks again.