Friday, May 17, 2013

Romantic Shabby Chic Design and a new client!

Greetings Blog Friends!  I have been so busy with so many different things lately I have not had time to take photos of finished rooms in my own home, let alone finish the little details in those rooms.  But, I do want to share some romantic inspiration with  you today. 
I have a new client who has requested my help with creating a Romantic and Shabby chic  style in her little boutique!  I cannot wait to pull it all together, create wonderful displays and a cohesive look throughout the little old house turned retail situated in a charming little small town.  So here are some pins from my PINTERST boards I have pulled together for inspiration:

Doesn't this romantic and shabby chic porch just call out to you?  I love the sofa and the cottage flowers and of course comfy throw pillows.  I love how it changed an outdoor porch or room and blended indoor furnishings and groupings to feel like a room and not just a porch.
I think this is a starting pallet.  The client loves the idea of creamy peach.
  So many different shades of peach to choose from.
I truly love the combination of these two colors. So soothing and calming and romantic. The mint green really pops with the soft peach tone.
This beautiful flower arrangement is a perfect palette!  Love the burlap wrapped container also!
I love the idea of a stenciled wall or floor, instead of wallpaper.  Paint and stencils are
definitely a cost effective way to add pop to a room!
You cannot talk about peach and not think about the beautiful ripe fruit. 
This table setting is stunning!  I really love the chair skirts for a display table.
My client has tons of old books I think would look gorgeous for display tied with ribbon like this.
I love this idea of bed turned bench.  I am planning on using an old bed for a seating area for customers to wait  and browse through catalogs.  I will fill with tons of romantic pillows!
This is also going to be incorporated in the plan along a wall for platter display.
For all the window treatments, we want to use dreamy white, romantic curtains.
Can you see it starting to come all together?  I love this part, the research and pulling each piece together to create a cohesive design.   I hope you enjoyed my little Pinterest Design Board. 
I hope to possibly finish a few projects of my own this weekend. I wish you and your family
a wonderful weekend! 

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