Friday, May 31, 2013


So, I have this unfinished staircase in the entry of my home... I still have not made a definite decision on how I am going to finish, I have a few ideas.  have been searching for inspiration, and I know it will be a lot of work... Work that I created...I am the one who decided to tear out all of the carpeting!
  This project seems to be looming over me everyday, considering we use the steps all day, everyday, and it is the first thing you see upon entering my home.  It is time to start making a decision, so I can start purchasing supplies and work up a plan.  I thought I would share some PINTEREST inspiration with you today on staircases.

These stairs are gorgeous and classic. I love the wrought iron banisters. I am thinking
we probably will change out our wood for iron!
 I like the painted stair runner.

I adore the leopard carpeting!  I think I will most likely do something like this on
my basement staircase, (when I get to that  project!)

The all natural wood is great.

 Everyone loves the staircase from Funky Junk Interiors.. Those really are amazing!

I like this farmhouse look, so bright and cheerful, maybe too much for my entrance.

So Cool!  I could rock these on my steps, not sure my husband would go for it though...

I really like the Spanish style, the mix of mosaic tiles, and iron. Beautiful.

I know these are not interior stairs, but WOW!

I seem to be drawn to the painted and artistic look... This is precious!
Now, here we are with the uninspiring... The BEFORE STAIRS...

The oak is outdated and not our style, the carpet is worn and needs to go!

This is currently how they look.  Unfinished wood.  It actually is much better looking than
the carpeting before, but needs finishing. 

(OOPS Somehow entered this one sideways!!)
 Thank you for reading today.  I think I have a bit of inspiration, just narrowing down my possibilities is the next step!  I really cannot wait to show off the finished product.  It is going
to be fabulous! 

Have a great weekend!



  1. really like the stairs with 'dreams dont work..unless you do' !

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