Wednesday, May 29, 2013

SUMMER TIME BUCKET LIST! What my family plans to check off the list this summer.

 I decided that I would have each of my children draw up their very own "Bucket List" of the things they would like to do this summer!  I really love this idea...We can work together as a family to achieve these as well as it teaches my children to set goals to work towards!
  I allowed them to add as many projects, crafts, activities for little cost as they wanted and a few possible travel activities.   I also wanted to ensure that my children do not forget others and the importance of serving and giving, as I know it is human nature and a child's nature to think about selves.  We are such a self absorbed and self gratifying culture, I really do not want my kids to forget about the simple things in life and the importance of being generous! 
I love the fun and simple ideas they want to accomplish.  I thought I would share their lists with you:

I think we will be busy this summer!  Looks like we definitely need to go camping!  They both added that!  I just am not an avid camper, but it is for the kids!
We have decided to work along our Church programs to serve others.  My 11 year old is going to volunteer this year as a worker at the VBS camp!  We are also planning on serving a few meals to  a community center for bible study.  I am hoping we are able to serve other ways also this summer.  My daughter suggested we make crafts and cookies and take them to a senior center and visit!  I like her way of thinking. 
We are getting started today; headed to the Library for my 6 year old to join the Summer Reading Program!  He is so excited, because this year, he can read himself and that makes it a challenge for him to complete the books to win the prize at the library!  I think we will also hit Hobby Lobby for a few craft essentials we are running low on... I have a few garden projects up my sleeve!
What are you doing this summer?  Do you have a bucket list? 
Please feel free to leave a comment and share your ideas for summer! 
Thanks again for reading!

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