Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How to Make a Fairy Garden...

Do you just love these tiny little gardens? My children had added making a Fairy Garden to 
our Family Bucket List for the summer.  This was fun to do together.

I thought I would share the darling little details we added and how we did it, all for low cost!


Miniature Plants, we used succulents ( low water maintenance)
all cost about $3.00
We purchased the plants at the Flea Market

Miniature furniture and fairies
The Fairy Furniture and Faires were purchased several years ago at the Country Living Fair.

Old Pot, we used a 14" plastic pot

Garden Soil, landscape rocks(we used rock from our vegetable garden paths.)

We cleaned up our "free" pot and filled with soil.

Next we placed our little plants where we thought would suit a small garden scene best.

Next, we placed our arbor to create a focal point.  We decided to nest the little boy fairy underneath.

We used pebbles from our vegetable garden to create paths.

I just love the little red watering can for details. (purchased at the Flea Market)

We especially love the little beekeeper fairy.  My husband keeps bees in our backyard.

Isn't the little chandelier a cute touch?

The miniature tools are too cute.  I can't believe I had bought all these parts so long ago and never put them all together.

We are very happy how our little garden turned out.  

The possibilities are endless.  I am sure at your local Flea Market you could find a plant vendor that also sells miniatures as well as little furniture.  You could use any pot or any plants.

Originally I was planning on making a "paper-crete" pot, well I never got around to it, and decided to use what I had on hand and start my garden.  

I hope you enjoyed viewing our Fairy Garden!  

Talk you soon!


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  1. How freakin cute is this!!! My youngest daughter just had a photo shoot and they added little faires to her picture. My girls would love to make this. So er...uh... how about I send them up there to hang out with your family this Summer and they can make this crafy stuff...LOL!!!!