Monday, June 10, 2013



Hello My blog friends.  My apologies for not blogging sooner.  

Things have been a bit crazy around here.

First, the tornados!  

The water soaked basement (finished with carpet).

No internet service.

New computer set-up.(switched to MAC, realizing I am computer illiterate)

And, most of all a wedding announcement this week:

My brother is getting married!  In two weeks!

That means FULL BLOWN wedding mode!

We are busy as can be, a homemade wedding with a home reception! YES!  

Lots to do and I cannot wait to start sharing the pics along the way.

And then, the final photos of the BIG DAY!  Please be patient, I am working out the kinks,using this
new fancy machine and finding my old software and such.

Stay tuned. I have so much to share.  I am so excited to show you what we are doing.



The photo above is how we are decorating the reception.  What do you think?

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