Monday, October 7, 2013

Shabby Chic Wedding Reception ( A DIY STORY)

Earlier this summer I so busy with wedding planning, creating, and such...  My brother was married in June and collaboratively we designed and threw the wedding of the year in only 3 short weeks!!  It can be done, and how, where did we do this?  

We turned my brothers garage into a reception hall, made all flower arrangements by hand, handmade invitations, found dresses and tuxedos, everything and on a budget, DIY style and it turned out FABULOUS!  I thought I would share some of the pics from my iPhone. Also maybe  a few tips to help you create  the wedding or party of your dreams.  

This is the location... A 3 car garage turned glamorous wedding hall.

The interior, gorgeous right!?(Can you believe this is a garage?)

The tables up close, lots of candles, handmade bouquets, and rented table linens.
(Details to follow, keep reading)

Pink back lighting, created a glow to the room and a musician added to special extra touch!
Not to mention chandeliers!

The head table was simple with tons of small candles!!  Can you get over that pink glow?

This is how we dressed the back patio and yard for dancing and drinks after the dinner!
More chandeliers, yes those are real!!  Details to follow...

The shabby chic bouquets made from all silks(clearance silks).

So, How did we pull this off in such a short time, including wedding licenses, guest lists, and all?


OK, just kidding.  Creativity!  I work for K-Build Construction and Design Company as well as own   
I Dream of Jeanne Designs.  We used all resources here, but I am going to share with you how we did most of it, so maybe if a home wedding or party is in your future, some of these steps may be helpful to you.


location: garage  cost:  FREE 
We moved all bikes, toys, tool chests out into a portable POD unit to clear the garage.  Then the walls were already drywalled, so had them painted a creamy beige and to create the look of wainscoting we installed 1x2 boards and painted the lower half of the walls white with trim paint!  
Next, we rented the tables, linens and chairs as well as the 2 chandeliers from a local rental company.  The chandeliers were plastic, yes plastic and lightweight, so they were easy to transport and install and to cover the extension cords we used gauzy pink fabric to create the swags you see.  


Each centerpiece was created using ALL CLEARANCE flowers from MICHAEL'S, ( not one, but from every store in the city).  We used hydrangeas, dahlias, and roses in the creamiest Shabby Chic colors we could find and were able to pull off 8 gorgeous centerpieces for only a few hundred dollars.
(The flower stems were all cut short and we used floral foam to create bouquets and then set into the vases. Added strips of jewel garland to each for the sparkle)  This was a fraction of the cost for real flowers.  Plus, these are forever, can be resold or rented in the future or used for home decor.

The head table featured each attendants bouquets, which were  white peonies and smelled divine!


The up lights  around the room were  just rented lights  on the floor that had a pink filter we used to create that pink glow!
 LOTS OF CANDLES!  Regular price is $5.99 for the dozen of filled glass votives Hobby Lobby.
( Don't forget about your 40% off coupons)


The patio was already covered so we  replaced the ceiling fans with gorgeous chandeliers from COSTCO!  They have since  been installed in my sister in laws closet and nieces bedroom! So no loss in cost there, just re-using the decor!
 We also rented high tables for drinks on the patio and around the pool (covered with extra long table linens and we tied with pink satin sashes).  Rented bar glassware and stems for Champagne helped with quick clean up.  Less people you need to hire the more money you can invest in design.

The bartender stayed outside  under a rented tent we had installed to enlarge the patio area, so traffic flow was flawless.   We purchased small square glass vases and cut one green hydrangea for each table  to add a small elegant pop!  Of course we used candles outside as well.

To achieve the most for your money and time, be sure to do a little research on your rental companies and sometimes; last minute can equal last minute deals.  When creating your decor theme, think about paying it forward for others and yourself, get the most bang for your buck.  For instance, our flower arrangements, we can rent for a very low cost to another bride to help her save money on her big day, also they can be used in our own home decor or for future parties.  
Elegance does not have to cost a fortune, most brides are on a budget and your overall vision and dream can be achieved if your think a bit out of the box.

So 3 weeks, handmade touches and a bit of sweat equity, creativity, and a garage; equaled an elegant, and shabby chic wedding of her dreams!

Hope you enjoyed!!


I Dream of Jeanne Designs, and K-Build,  offer Construction, Design and Project Management Services.

Contact us today if  you would like a consultation for your next event or home project!!

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  1. I am totally amazed at the talent you guys have and the fact you did all this in 3 weeks! I would need a team of 50, &10K and at least 3 months to pull this off! LOL