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Today, I am going to reveal my latest room remodel.  The client was a little intimidating to please, or so I thought.  He had certain ideas of what he wanted; clean lines, no fuss, dark floors, vintage or shabby but not fussy, industrial but not too modern, and not alot of furniture, just open space to enjoy and relax!!  I think I have pleased even the most eclectic of teenage boys with this livable and relaxed space, did I mention on a budget??

My apologies, but I cannot seem to find the before photos.
The previous design of the room was for a younger age, mostly sport theme.  

First, we removed all carpet.  Then to pull off the dark wood floor look he wanted, I got to work with dark wood stain.  YUP, just 3 quarts of MINIWAX, Espresso colored wood stain and we have
stained hardwood floors.  I did not even bother to fill in cracks or nail holes, just stained the subfloor.
Then to soften the dark colors and hard edges, we used a Australian sheepskin on the floor.

Next we decided to design and build our own furniture for a unique and one of a kind look.  I built this gorgeous desk from hardwood plywood, and pipes, a special blend of stain and it turned out gorgeous.

The next piece I designed was the headboard, he loved the idea of old barn wood, but we were not able to find exactly what we wanted, we even went to an auction to bid on an old barn door.  But, in the end decided on using new wood, and making it look old and just hanging the planks directly on the wall.

We purchased the wood planks at Home Depot for about $6.00 each.  Next was the fun part, my "client" and I distressed the wood, with chains, sledgehammer, screws, baseball bats and other fun items to get the "OLD" look.  Next, we layered black and antique walnut stains from(Miniwax)  to create the finish.  We love how it turned out in the end. The best part was  that it was a project we could create together, and he had a hand in designing.

 I found the cool old 4 drawer trunk at a little antique shop in town (it was a steal).  I used an industrial looking bedside lamp to keep things simple.

The collage wall was actually the inspiration for the room, he had found a catalog photo, that we kind used to feed our creativity.  Each piece has a meaning, the photos he had taken himself, the Beatles are to showcase his love of music and the the rest just was found along the way.
(stay tuned later for a Tutorial on "How To Create a Collage Wall")

We used these vintage folding chairs, because he loved the color.

Drawing is his favorite past time and I thought an old mason jar was the perfect pencil holder.

We used vintage cameras set among a stack of old comic books from his grandfather.

The greenery adds a bit of life to the room along with a few other collectables.

Well, my son, I mean my "client" loves to hang out in his room.  My goal with decorating is to achieve a space that reflects the owners personality.  I know that sometimes creating a "teen boy space" can challenging at first, but using creativity and incorporating thier own  most prized  collections, a cohesive and comfortable space can be achieved.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back for my "How To's".



Floors:  MINIWAX 3 quarts, Dark Espresso $14.00 each

Rug:  Sheepskin  $129.00 (discounted, but luscious)

 Wallcolor:  "Patriots Grey" by BEHR
(already purchased previously)

Desk: Designed and Built by:
I Dream of Jeanne Designs
(Can be special ordered to size)
Size of one shown: 5'x3' hardwood, and 3/4" stainless pipes
costs may vary.

Headboard:  Materials purchased at Home Depot
planks $6.99 each, we used 5
Stain: Black, and Antique Walnut by MINIWAX

Bedding: Target for only $69.99 full size on sale

Chairs:  Purchased from Flea market for garden party previously

Nighstand:  purchased at Antique Store for only $40.00

Wall Collage: collection from antique stores, family photos, and using black frames we already had

Crosswalk sign:  from Antique store for only $49.00

Decor:   Pieces collected from over time, including the yellow clock(recognize from my Dallas Shopping Trip in the Spring? I knew I would find the perfect place!)


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