Monday, February 24, 2014


It has been so long since I have posted... I have done so much, but  have been selfish and not sharing with you, so today and I am going to catch you up on some of my latest projects!!


 This is a photo of the cafeteria; turned Banquet Hall.  I apologize for quality of photos, these all came from my iPhone, because it was so cold and icy, my camera was left in the car during set up and would not thaw in time before the guest arrived to take pics!! oops.

This past fall, my sons football Coach was looking for help designing and hosting an awards banquet for the football team.  Well,  since this is right up my alley, I decided to volunteer... I had VERY little time and BUDGET to host 300 folks.  I wanted to make sure that this was a special event for the boys and the coaching staff for all their hard work over the past season(s).  

So, I thought I would share some of the details that created a fun and festive event on a Budget!!

Again, I apologize for quality of photos.  This is where my vision began;

I had wanted to recreate a football field for the main table.

(You may be asking yourself..."What's with the pig??" Well, the Coach thought it would be cool for the kids to have a pig roast!!  It certainly got every ones attention!  And, I do not eat pork, but they all said it was delicious and I think they enjoyed watching Coach carve and serve them all!!)

Here is how we did it:

Remember: staying on budget was key!  So the turf?  FREE!!! Luckily our football field had just been professionally turfed this year, and I remember seeing those scrap rolls under the bleachers.... I asked the Coach if I could cut a strip(s) to use for decor?  So, here my "Ever helpful and handsome husband" helped me measure and spray paint the yard lines...(creative right???).
 The goalpost was made using PVC piping and fittings and spray paint, easy to take apart and store for later usage.  The pipes were installed in buckets filled with quick-crete for weight.(sorry I don't have pics of this in detail)

I thought it would be cool to repeat the theme on the drink table, using the Gatorade dispensers used at practices and games.... 

Really, i just used the simplest items to decorate:  I purchase rolled plastic table cloths.  I used team colors for cups and napkins and used for table decor.   Balloons added height and everything was lightweight and super easy for clean up after.

(Be sure to check with your local party store to receive discounts and Tax Free for school functions, you can save a BUNDLE!)

The Cake Table.  Simple and inexpensive Costco cakes. 
Again, I used balloons and blue and silver beads for decor.

There were cakes for Freshman, JV and Varsity teams. Obviously I was partial, because this is the only one I had photos of.

The auditorium was used for the award ceremony after dinner.  We used what we already had for decor.  Lined the stage with helmets and made jersey hangers again from PVC pipes and buckets. 
These were simple "T's" with fittings, that fit inside of the buckets filled with quick concrete...(again I forgot photos, I was on a deadline.) Did I mention this was held the same week as Thanksgiving?   

The Seniors jerseys lined the stage, they would be able to take home after ceremony.  The coach does such an outstanding job really acknowledging all of the players accomplishments on and off the field.   I really have to commend him on such a job well done, he is concerned with shaping successful and productive men for the future!  This team is always doing community service and team building.
As a parent, I appreciate this more than he can know. 

I think the event was enjoyed by all.  We pulled it all off for only a couple hundred in decor and maybe a couple hundred  more for food and everyone enjoyed the time together with their families and teammates.  Plus, most of the decor we could store and use again next year.

Thanks for reading, and I will be catching you up on all my projects over the past couple months.  

Have a creative day!


(I have to give a big shoutout to my sister in law who happened to be in town (for Thanksgiving)and spent her time at the high school helping set up.  So when you are a guest at my house, you never know if I will put you to work on one of my projects.  Thanks Felicia!)


  1. Jeanne this is amazing!!! I would love for you to come to my house and help me redecorate. I can only imagine what you would have done with more time and money! Great job!

    1. I am always up for a road trip!! I hear you like wine!?:) me too!! Thanks for the love!