Wednesday, April 23, 2014

MY VINTAGE LOVE! Turning what I love into my business!!

My love of vintage curiosities and necessities started years ago!  I love to stroll through Antique Malls, Vintage Shops, Flea Markets and give  a new home to whatever tickles my fancy!  I also love to find pieces that have been discarded by others and turning them into something great!  

It is the artist or creative side in me that always can vision a finished product from a diamond 
in the rough!  I love to mix and collect items that seemingly would not 
go together by normal practices and creating a fresh look!  I absolutely love
the collected look over one particular style.  Isn't it fun 
to tell stories about the pieces in your home?

So, recently I took my skills and my Vintage Love a step further and became a dealer of Antiques and Vintage Industrial Finds!  I scour Estate Auctions and Sales to find the most
unique and  fun items to offer!  I want shoppers to feel like they have found one of a kind
and  something different than they see at every other Antique mall and Vintage Shop!  
I love the challenge of searching for  "just the right piece."

I thought I would share some of the pieces I have to offer for sale:

Now, I also love to refurbish, paint, and reupholster pieces as well, so I do incorporate 
a little of both worlds.

This is the back of that Old Radio Cabinet, it has been turned into secret drawers...

I really loved these carved antique African statues.  They are some of my favorites!

I am always attracted to  trunks.  Metal trunks, wooden trunks, travel trunks, I love how they look and how functional they are and can be used for decor.

Again, I love to stack and use trunks!    I love the shabby next to the Italian upholstered chair.

This is an antique Carpenters Trunk.  This is the real deal, used for tools and as a work table.
(a lot of history and stories I am sure went along with the trunk)
The little ceramic owl just had to come home with me.  
The Hoosier Table is so cool.  I have always wanted one for myself, but this is
for the shop and for sale.  Maybe one day I will purchase one for myself!

I am still working on setting up some of the items at my space, so I hope to share great photos with you soon of the finished product.  (the ones I took from my iPhone were a bit blurry and dark.)

I am so excited to add this adventure as my new business!!  I look forward to
sharing more with you soon!  

Thanks for reading!  Have a Wonderful Day!


ALL ITEMS SHOWN ARE FOR SALE!!   If you are interested, I can ship! 
 Please just contact me for details!!  


  1. Wow - that is so exciting!! Good luck with planning and preparing for your new business venture. How fun!

  2. Thank you Krista! I am excited and exhausted and nervous all at the same time!! The hardest part??? Not warning to keep every single item I buy at auctions….ha ha. Have a great day! Thanks for reading!