Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A domain change for I Dream of Jeanne Designs … And a WARNING to ALL Bloggers about Domain Expiration!!!


I am blogging again!!  I had a horrible scare last week and have been desperately trying to figure out solutions and how to fix my problem… My domain name 
www.Idreamofjeannedesigns.com, EXPIRED and the very same day was snatched up by someone else…(don't believe it was really a SOMEONE) and I was not able to access my 
account any longer or renew my name or do ANYTHING about it!!!  

SO WARNING!!!!  If you have a domain that you purchased, be sure to check before date of expiration, that you have checked the box for AUTORENEWAL!!  I thought I had done this, in fact, I had so much trouble trying to even access my account or domain account, because apparently Google Apps no longer exists….. Her is what happened; one day I am happy blogging and trying to boost my business and the next day, I no longer can access ANY of my accounts…  

So FINALLY, I had to purchase a NEW DOMAIN name because somewhere out there in the world wide web, someone needed to hijack my website address… The only change I made was removing the "s" from the end…

My New Domain is:


I have so much to do to update all of my accounts including HOUZZ.com, and my HOMETALK page and my Facebook page to let my followers know about the small change.  I almost do not know where to begin.   I am not able to forward the  to my new address unfortunately.  I also have tons of projects I am working on, including keeping inventory at Bayard Antiques where I rent space and have recently expanded my business.    

I really am excited to share a few more tutorials and fun pics with you.  I hope you stick around and be patient as I fix these glitches.  And a word to the wise:  If you own your own domain, please be sure to renew before expiration date or check your settings on your account to be sure that AUTORENEW is checked on…   I hope that this never happens to you!!

Well, I thought I would share a few pics I snapped this morning of my booth.  I have lots of fun new items added and more to come!

This is my motto for the past couple of weeks…. KEEP CALM!!!  
I made this cute little framed chalkboard… I plan on having tutorial soon!!

Just a few additions to my space!!  The French back chair is still FOR SALE!!!

Thank you so much for reading!  I hope that my major mistake and misfortune about my 
domain saves you from these problems in the future!!  

Have a KEEP CALM Day!


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