Thursday, May 1, 2014

Latest Auction Purchases and a gorgeous bouquet of Ranuculus flowers.

Hi everyone!  I have been so busy doing a million projects at one time, (as usual) that I currently do not have a finished project to share yet, but I thought I would  share my latest shopping treasures for my antique shop and my Etsy store(which I am in the process of setting up).

I recently went to an estate auction that was FILLED with unbelievable goodies… But, everyone knew about it and the bidding was high and hard, I still am happy with my take home though.  

This tiny home had walls filled with these gorgeous Renassance prints in the most AMAZING and ornate frames… I was able to score about 5 of these, if not for the reproduction prints but the frames. I also picked a really neat Vintage Martini set as well as a set of Gold Elephants.  ( I often look for elephants at auctions.  My daughter LOVES them.  I pick up little ones, big ones, I even stayed an entire day at an auction house for a very large and very red elephant that I think maybe once was  a plant stand and now it adorns our hearth in my Bohemian Family Room! )   
click here for my earlier post of my family room:

So I just snapped a quick shot of my loot from my iPhone and thought I would share:

These pictures I think are amazing,  the frames are at least 5"thick and wide on each print.  I am thinking maybe I will convert at least one frame into a ornate framed chalkboard.  The 
cute little cherub birdbath is actually resin and lightweight, I plan to drill
a drain hole and turn into a planter.

The elephants are too cute!  I really love that they are different and unusual!  
click here for my daughters elephant and bohemian bedroom pics:

This martini set is so fun!  I really love the gold trim, I feel like I would be  drinking
martinis in the Rat Pack era!  

Here is a quick snap of the red elephant (heavy,solid wood) that I usually have 
adorning my hearth…
(please ignore the dust bunnies and dust that also adorns the elephant)

Yesterday our local Trader Joes had the most beautiful ranuculus bouquets.
I picked up a couple for my kitchen table.  I love to have fresh flowers to brighten
my day and help me forget that I have dust bunnies that I have not gotten to yet!

Do you like to add fresh flowers to your home?  

These photos were all snapped quickly with my iPhone so that I could share a post today. 
I plan to get out the camera and take much better photos soon!  

Thank you so much for stopping by today and reading.

Stay tuned, I have a Tutorial on making your own chalk paint and how to use it!! 
(Coming SOON)

Have a fabulous day!


I hope to have my ETSY shop up and running and connected to my website soon!  All items shown today (except the red elephant) are FOR SALE.  If you have any questions or are interested in any of the items, please contact me!  

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  1. Jeanne I just love all of the goodies you found! That martini set is awesome! I had to make some sangrias for the summer for it though...LOL!