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REPOST: How to Build and Upholster a Daybed.

Welcome.  I thought I would repost a few of my most popular past posts.  Building and Upholstering this daybed was definitely a high traffic post.  I recently had  domain name change and wanted my readers who maybe previously pinned this post to be able to find again.   

This was a fun project and actually pretty simple, I upholstered this entire bed in just one day.  The prep work took a day ahead.  So total time including buying materials maybe 3-4 days.    I hope to hear about your future projects and if you try this at home, please send me pics and tell me 
all about your process, I would love to hear it!

This is  a photo of the completed daybed I recently made my daughter.
She had wanted a bed that was comfortable, but without a  footboard, so I came up with this design.  We made a corner daybed.   The upholstered  look is clean and fresh and she loves to lounge watching movies, reading books or just hanging out with friends.

We made this custom for a twin size bed.  (Using a standard bedframe)
3/4" Plywood, we used cabinet grade plywood ( this is a smooth surface plywood)
COST: $0.00, we had leftover from our Raleigh Headboard we made last month.
Click here for that Tutorial:
Circular Saw
Fabric  3 yards (good quality upholstery fabric at least 54" wide)
I purchased my fabric at ARTISTIC UPHOLSTERY in St. Louis, MO
COST: $15.99 a yard,  on sale
Upholstery Foam  1 1/2" thick(you can purchase in rolls by width or pieces)
COST: $19.99 a roll, I used 2
Upholstery Batting (I use upholstery, NOT quilt batting when I make a headboard, this is thicker and more durable, also comes in rolls, you can purchase by the yard.)
COST: $7.99 yard I used  3 yards
Adhesive for applying the foam.  (Comes in spray can)
Purchase at your upholstery center.
COST:  $0.00 (had leftover from previous project)
Upholstery Staple Gun and Staples
(you could use a hand stapler, but this tool that hooks up to an air compressor makes this job much smoother and quicker as well as FUN to use a power tool!)
  I purchased mine on AMAZON for $100.00
Staple Remover
Fabric Protectant
COST: $14.99
Measure and cut.
Our measurements:
Headboard piece:  41" x 24"
SideRail: 49" x 24"
We chose to create a slight curve on the ends of the head and side boards, so no sharp corners.
We used the outline of a paint can to create a natural curve to cut around.

Adhere the Foam in place. Spray the webbed adhesive and apply pressure to make sure foam stays, then trim off excess around corners or curves.  A large Knife makes cutting easy.
(sorry, forgot to photo this part)
Staple  on upholstery batting over the foam.  I start always in the center when I need to cover a
piece.  This way I am ensured complete coverage before I start on the corners. 
Here I show how I create a close and tight edge.  I start stapling and pulling the batting from the sides and staple several rows to create a smooth surface, like this:

Now, I have finished stapling the batting, I trim any excess.


Cut the fabric to fit around each piece. Be sure to cut with excess to cover over each side.

Again, I make sure to staple the four centers on the four sides. This ensures I have enough fabric to cover the entire headboard and that the pattern on my fabric is even.

Here is how I do a corner: 
Again, I staple all the way to the end of each side leaving the extra fabric to create a pleat, then I smooth down the pleat and staple the center and then the outside.

This particular fabric was  a bit trickier because of the seams, I just went very slow and made sure that each seam on the fabric did not bunch on the sides.  This may be where your staple remover comes in handy, sometimes fixing while in the process is best for the finished look!

Fabric Protectant

I made a bright white fabric daybed in my 11 year old daughters room.  I needed protection!  I do not want marker, chocolate milk or greasy finger stains on the bed, so I sprayed the entire bed with this fabric protector.  It  creates an invisible barrier, even repels water.  PRICELESS!!

The thickness;  I wanted thick and comfortable headboards to lean on, and using 1 1/2" thick foam with the batting created a pretty cushy spot!

Installing the headboard on the wall.

We used 2 French Cleats purchased form Home Depot.

I plan on doing a tutorial soon on how to install the French cleats and use them to hang wall shelves, and headboards!

I finished this project in one afternoon. 
If you have the right tools,  the job is so much easier.  You  could make this bed
to any size you would like, we wanted to create just a cozy corner, so those are our measurements.
The options are endless with fabric and sizes! 

Thanks for reading!

You can get a complete product list of my daughters bedroom makeover and costs here:



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