Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chairs, Chairs and more chairs….New Chalk Paint Colors.

Lately, I have been swamped trying to get inventory ready for the VINTAGE BLISS MARKET, next weekend here in St. Louis.  I mean, scrambling finding great furniture and cool vintage trinkets and my mind has been twirling with creative ideas for each piece.  

Sometimes, I find great pieces that do not need a lot of work, maybe a bit of buffing and waxing or a coat of Restore-A-Shine over a wood finish, if I'm lucky!!  But most of the time, I bring home pieces that need a lot of TLC and or even a complete overall.  Those pieces are the most fun for me!  I admit it, I love to have  vision for a piece and just tear into it!  I can see the finished product usually before I even begin.    Sometimes I try to explain that to a family member or passerby, and they don't "see it".  

Sometimes, I need to call in the Big Guns, (aka my husband) and get his help to accomplish
my crazy ideas, I have a vision that needs tools, cutting, angles, and measurements… I am not so good with measurements, because I admit…I am impatient… I don't really measure exact when I am baking, or mixing paint, or sewing , I just wing it, I eye it and for the most part it always turns out… But with furniture rebuilding I know exact measures are always better.  (Thanks honey!)  

Anyway, this is getting winded… I LOVE chairs.  I mean when I am at an auction, garage sale or estate sale, I always am drawn to chairs!!  So, lately I have been working on a few good chairs.  I thought I would share a bit of the process with you!

Here is a couple of beautiful Antique Oak Occasional or Parlor Chairs, in SAD condition!

So, as I starting tearing into this project, I kept running into a MESS.  Do you see those burlap strips across the top of the chair?  Well, those don't go there, underneath the strips are springs for the seat… and the burlap strips,( called webbing) are suppose to go underneath the chair, but someone put wood and stapled the springs to wood under the chair, so this is really difficult to tear out!!!  The staples in this solid oak are TOUGH!  My hands ended being blistered and bruised by the time I finished pulling off all of the old!

This is what the other chair looked like underneath the fabric… WHAT IS THAT??? It was wet and smelly!  Gross… But , Finally I had the chair completely stripped of all the yuck!   I had to end up rebuilding the entire chairs.  All joints needed fixing and the wood was a bit shabby from tearing out the old… But I am excited how they are turning out now!!

Do you remember this chair?  I posted these items when I started selling at Bayard Antiques.  The chair sat, as is, for a long time, so I decided to freshen it up.  (yes, that cool old stereo cabinet, turned into chest of drawers has SOLD.)

Today, this is how the chairs look.  I plan to distress and wax  the wood today and then start upholstering.   I have purchased some Fabulous fabrics for these beauties. 

Custom color:  Tritan Grey

As, you can see my workshop, aka(the garage) is a mess!! It is overtaken with furniture and projects.. (my house is as well).

Custom color:  Jeanne White

Here are a couple of other chairs I have completed. I Love the totally Bohemian, Shabby Chic distressed finish.  These are also all colors of chalk paint I have created.  I wanted to create a line of seaside colors and be able to have samples of chalk paint for customers at the Vintage Bliss Market.
I have been working on creating my own chalk paint for while.  I always custom mix my own colors, so I thought I would share a bit.  I have tried many different mixes and think I have found my favorite. Although, I think I will always tweak!

Custom color:  Sea Urchin Red

These chairs are over 80 years old, solid oak and very sturdy.  They are my favorites.  I now have a collection of 4 different styles and colors to put around a gorgeous walnut table I found at an estate sale.  This  complete set will be FOR SALE at the 

Thank you for reading today, I am excited to show the completed chairs later this week!  

By the way here is some information about the VINTAGE show here in 
St. Louis, June 21-22:

Have a great week!


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