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Ideas for Creating Great Displays at a Vintage Show/Market.

This year I had the pleasure of being a vendor at Vintage Bliss Market, hosted in St. Louis Missouri at Westport Center.  The venue was amazing.  The venue was clean and had a full time staff for helping and cleaning trash, and offering restrooms, and electricity to each vendor as well as the outdoor patio restaurants in the plaza were open for all shoppers, so you could stop and get out of the heat for a few minutes and rest and get a snack or drink. Local wineries were serving wine slushies, there was live music  and seating areas all around, and the plaza is a great background for your booth display.

This was my first year as vendor and I knew I wanted to make a strong statement and inspire others creativity and  attract attention from the outside all the way in.

I wanted to create a cozy atmosphere for shoppers as well as show patrons how to use the pieces.  Having a visual on how to place or set up a room or item always helps your shoppers.  I showed those two cute little French Provincial nightstands as a coffee table, which would be perfect for a small home, easy to move out of the way or  to change up and use as end tables.  

You can see I brought a fireplace mantle with me, this anchored the entire booth.  I could display any of  my furniture pieces around it, to show different room ideas.

At the other end of my space, I set up an antique walnut table with 4 mismatched chairs to mock an eating area.

The arbor I built (along with the help of hunky hubby) using Antique French doors as the sides and an antique ladder, also added wrought iron brackets for support and decor.  My black chalkboard mermaid is just another way I incorporated my logo and the fueled peoples curiosity.  

I did not stop there… I added burlap ribbons, a burlap banner that I painted with WELCOME, to greet my shoppers.   I adorn the ladder with hanging mason jars holding candles which was the hottest item… 

You can see here I centered my tent and arbor in the middle of my booth, I rented a 10x20 space which was two booths. I wanted to create one entry so that I could draw attention all the way inside.  I also brought an extra umbrella (from my back patio) to have extra shade for patrons and my pieces.

I flanked my entry with my urns filled with Kimberly ferns to add color and life.    

Everything together just created a cozy and welcoming environment.  

I had a few large pieces of furniture, a few medium sizes and about 6 upholstered chairs, which all sold immediately.  I added all the pillows last minute(sewing til midnight) for a pop of color and just something small that people could grab and go with and be happy they made a purchase… I priced them all the same price to make it easy and to encourage my patrons that they were getting a deal.

There were also twinkle lights all around then tent and arbor.

Using the larger furniture pieces I was able to create boundaries.  This wide mid century chest I had painted created my side wall(SOLD before the show even began!!)  

As you can see I wanted to make sure that everyone passing by or shopping my booth, knew who I was, and my brand.  I have shared earlier a post about creating my logo, you can visit "Why I Chose a Mermaid" here:


So I framed my sign above my mantel directly in the center, so everyone could see.  I also made sure I had cards, and if someone did not want to carry a card, they could snap a pic of my sign with their smartphone…  I also tagged all of my furniture with tags I printed myself with my logo and website, so if anyone ever had questions they could contact me and remember where they purchased.

As the day went on, we and to rearrange many times, giving new ideas for furniture and decor pieces.  I think that shoppers appreciated this, and even if they were not buyers, I wanted to make sure they enjoyed the experience at my booth.  I also brought fans so that air would be circulating in the intense heat!  It is the little touches that people remember.

Here is a picture that the venue management  took of a FREE WORKSHOP I offered at my booth.  
I showed everyone How to make your own Chalk Paint as well as How to Distress your Furniture.

You can visit my post on How To Make Chalk Paint here:


It was a big hit, and people LOVE receiving information, everyone wants to try DIY at some point,  rather or not they use the information, they have it.

  Being generous  and showing people 
what I do is so rewarding.

All of my hard work payed off.  I was pleased to accept the award for WINNER of Best Booth Display at the event.  I love to inspire others and look forward to my next event!

I had SOLD almost everything I had.. Only coming home with about 4 pieces of furniture and my displays… All of my smalls except a few pieces of glassware SOLD!  

Vintage Bliss Market
June 21-22, 2014
St . Louis MO

I met a lot of fabulous people this weekend, other vendors and customers.  I look forward to keeping in contact with them all!

I had a great time and Huge success at the show.  I hope to share more details soon and also to inspire your creativity when showcasing your booth at the next Vintage/Antique Show.  

Have a Creative Day!


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