Tuesday, June 3, 2014

SHABBY CHIC GARDEN UPDATES… and a little sneak peek about our bees!!

Summer Greetings!!! It is hot and humid here and school is out!  So the blow up pool is filled and the garden is blooming and the bees are collecting…

I literally meant, blow up pool!! It works!:)

Here is a picture of my "shabby chic garden" last year.  Earlier this spring I shared a few photos, because it was cold and everything was still blah outside… I mentioned I had a few projects I needed to work on this year to make a few improvements… Like that ugly retaining wall behind my garden, the rotting wood was falling and looking pretty bad…  
Also, We never finished the garden details, such as the pickets around the garden area.

Well, we finally finished the pickets, had a overgrown bush removed and that retaining wall is complete.  Looks  a bit bare at the moment, but a great improvement.

(this photos was snapped by my iPhone, so not the best quality)

I am happy with the pickets, it definitely looks more substantial.  Our next job is to remove those hideous bricks and the entire mulch area to the left of the photo. I am wanting to replace my concrete patio pad and the pathway to create a larger planting area.
(the picture is bit dark, it started raining on me)

My clematis is doing great so far this year, adding the pickets did not disturb it too much!

This is from last year, I had beans growing in my tub, this year I added lavender.

I love birdhouses.  I have many throughout my yard.  We have nests and baby birds often.  They even had a nest and eggs on my front door wreath this year… Thankfully all went well, the baby bird did fly.

I meant to do a post on my spring blooms earlier this year, but time got away, although my son captured this picture for me. 
 This is a very special  plant to our family.  We lost our jack russell terrier, Lucy, a few years ago and buried her in the back yard, we planted this bleeding heart in her memory and it blooms amazing each year, making us smile!!

Here is a pic of our patio  which was shaded.  Th large trees are  now gone.  We had lightening damage and the trees had to be removed. 

I hope to share a tutorial on the pallet coffee table too!

This is the entrance to my backyard.  The clematis has already bloomed earlier this year and is not quite as showy now.

Here is last years blooms:

OK, now I will get to the BEES!

I have never shared much about our beekeeping (or my husbands beekeeping rather), to the public.  So I am going to share a few pictures of last years harvest.  What a fantastic day!  Sweet delicious and pure gold HONEY, from our own backyard.

This picture is of my husband pulling the full frames of honey for us to harvest.  At this point, they are FULL and HEAVY and DELICIOUS!

This is what it looks like after I had cut the caps off the comb, the honey is dripping as you can see.  The next step is the frames are put into a extractor and spun and we collect the honey from the extractor. 

I plan on doing more posts about beekeeping and our adventures with it.  Last  year was a our very first harvest.  It took us two years before we could harvest and we plan to harvest again this summer.  I hope to share video and  a ton more photos of the process.  

The bees are so important to our environment.  It is the most important pollinator of all pollinating insects.  Our bees are very docile and our hive is right in our fenced suburban backyard.  Most of our neighbors do not know we even have them, because they have never been a problem.  Pure Raw Honey is a valuable food with many health benefits.  If you would like to learn more about bees or beekeeping please visit this site:


Thanks for visiting my little update tour of my garden.  I will share more photos as my lilies bloom this summer and my favorite hydrangeas.  
Be sure to stay tuned to learn more about our beekeeping adventures.

  Have a honey of a day!



  1. Such a lovely spot - I can bring sweet tea and a book and live here awhile. I have always been interested in beekeeping. We have several local beekeepers who sell their raw honey at the farmer's market - great for regional allergies.

    1. Thanks for the visit Donna! I love our raw honey!! I am so excited to harvest more this year. If we are able to harvest more we are interested in selling also!! Have a great day!