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Teen Boy Room: Vintage Industrial Style Updates and Ideas

Hello Friends!  Today I am going to share a post about the Vintage Industrial Makeover
I did for my teen sons bedroom.

I was recently asked by the Community Manager at Hometalk, ( a website that I also contribute) to curate a forum on Teen Bedroom Remodels.  I am very happy and excited to search the entire website: www. Hometalk.com  to find some really fun and inspiring rooms to add to the forum.

Lets get started:

I did a post last year and we did not quite finish the project, really I don't know if I ever

completely finish a project, I always see areas I can tweak or add to… and in this 

room we still are in need of window treatments.  I plan to purchase black out curtain 

panels probably in a navy or tan to add to the room, and also will make my own curtain 

rods using the same system we did on the desk: pipes and pipe fittings.

My son actually had a lot of input  in the room.  He has a love of photography and 

simplicity.   The cool skull lamp  was a awesome purchase from HOME GOODS.  

The desk was a collaboration of myself and husband using hardwood we purchased that was 

unfinished and I stained with a mix of stains. 

We added the legs by using galvanized pipes and fittings.  It really turned out gorgeous.

My son is a fabulous photographer and took all of these photos himself and wanted to be 

sure to highlight the areas of the room he thought were the best features.

Here we are showing you the benefits of having pipe legs… you can keep your desk and 

floor clutter free by wrapping your wires around the  back leg.

Here, we shopped the house, we wanted a fun and eclectic chair for the space.  He didn't 

want anything fussy, this vintage shabby folding chair was the perfect desk chair.

We started collecting old cameras and the one on top of the pile of  comic books was a 

project he made in art class.

The gallery wall was kind of the inspiration for the room.  The photographs are his own.  

The other items we added from family momentos or shopping trips.

I really love to create a style in my home that reflects the people living in it, as well as 

a look that has been collected over time.  No matchy, matchy and no DECORATING!

We plan to add on to our gallery wall over time.

(How we did this: We laid out all the items on the floor on top of large brown craft paper 

and then traced the outlines of each item onto the paper, next we hung the craft  

paper on the wall and nailed the hangers into place. Next, we removed 

the paper and hung the pictures.) 

This is a really great tip, saves a lot of headaches when trying to hang and place so many 

pictures at once!

This super cool and plush Mid Century chair was originally in my inventory for Vintage 

Bliss Market, but… It looked too cool in the room, and it is a soft place to hang out.  The 

bright red color really adds a pop to the monochromatic theme.

The headboard was a project that my son and I completed together… SO EASY!

We took 1x6" planks of pine wood from HOME DEPOT and then distressed them with

hammers, chains, screws, weights, anything we could find.  For the staining, we used 

two different colors to achieve an aged look.  Ebony(black), and Special Dark Walnut. 

We made it simple, we just screwed the boards directly into the wall right on top of each 

other.  The headboard cost about $50.00 total in materials.

In my original post we had just finished the room with only stained plywood floors.  

Recently we finished installing hardwood in all of our rooms.  
I think we all like the smooth hardwood the best, easy to clean.

I hope you enjoyed our  Teen Vintage Industrial Room Tour!  

I will be posting another post containing links to each of the cool teen bedroom ideas I collaborated soon!  Here is the very cool pinnacle graphic by Hometalk.  

I am also adding another room from our home tour:  My daughters Bohemian Shabby Chic Girls Room.  Since the original post, we have replaced the floors and added a few items, but you check out that post  here:


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this at the Say G'day Saturday linky party. I just pinned your post and shared on G+. My 14 y/o son would LOVE this room!

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