Friday, June 13, 2014

VINTAGE BLISS MARKET, getting ready for the show and more inventory.

Good Morning Friends!  If you read my last blog post you may remember these chairs!?
Well, maybe not, because I have completely revived them!  

These are how the chairs were when I bought them, well, I had started taking off the old upholstery.

I started to find this:

Yes, It was gross, and in worse shape than I had anticipated.. It was wet inside that homemade upholstery job… that is not even a cushion, it was trying to hide this:

An upside down webbing job.  The springs were stapled and nailed underneath this to wood. 
So,  I tore it all off…

It looked like this… and I realized that I had to completely tear everything off the seats and start over…

The joints all needed to be glued and clamped and the wood now from pulling out a million staples and rusty old nails (which from hard oak is HARD WORK) was quite scratched unfortunately.  
I rebuilt the chair and now the chair has  a new tight seat and a fresh look.

I painted it with my custom color Titan Grey, which is my own chalk paint recipe and added new cushions and reupholstered in a fabulously fresh and modern fabric which was actually quite expensive but I think makes the chair!!  

I love that this fabric has a reverse side. So, I used the reverse fabric on the pair of chairs and then used the reverse on each back panel for a little extra something.  I just used a cream colored gimp for the trim,  I though a double welt would be more formal and I wanted these chairs a bit shabby chic with  a casual feel.

I am happy with how they turned out, many days and sore hands from the process but it  is so fun when the product turns out like I saw it before in my head!  These chairs are
FOR SALE and I will have them with me at the VINTAGE BLISS MARKET here in St Louis, MO, June 21-22.

I thought I would share a couple other items I have added to my inventory as well.  This is my first Fair as a vendor. 

  I bought a few pieces  that I have not touched because they look great, like this armoire, but I know that it would look stunning painted also.  I will let the new owner decide!!

I also have a few small tables I have painted and revived, I though offering small items for people to take home was a bit easier than all large pieces like the armoire!!

This little mid century chest/nightstand turned out great. I used ASCP in aubusson blue.

This little Provincial table I decided to do a little different:

Here are a couple of other fun items I have for my inventory:
That mid century chair is Delicious!

Well, today I am working on finishing up a few pieces of furniture as well as I plan to do my first YouTube Tutorial:  "How to distress furniture".  I love the distressing part and get a lot of questions about it, so I decided maybe rather than just showing pictures  I would give a video tutorial…  I have tons of items to tag, pack, make sure are completed and get my tent ready, business cards ready, aprons, signage, props or decor for my booth, price my items and so much more… There is a lot into getting ready for a show.  It is like creating a store but one that is mobile!! I am enjoying the process…I think.  No, really I am excited  for next week.   I pray for good weather and good traffic.  

If you are any where near the area or looking for a FUN weekend, come to St. Louis, here is some more information:

Here is a link:


There will be shopping from Fabulous vendors and antique dealers, local  wineries will be serving drinks, Live Music, and Food.  This is a free event with only $5.00 garage parking.  I would love to see  you there, if you make it please stop by and say Hi!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Love the chairs and the fact that the fabric is reversible. It looks like they were 8-way hand tied so they were good quality back in their day. Give a little hint or two as to how you strengthened them, please. Came here from Hometalk and am glad I found your blog. I'll be visiting often. Thanks.

    1. Hi Janice. Well, I was in a bit of a time crunch and really wanted to sturdy these chairs up, as I mentioned maybe even for a dining room, so I added a wooden seat, I forwent the springs and webbing, I added a wood seat with new cushioning and then upholstered. The wood seat added stability to all sides of the chair, I also glued and clamped all the joints. If you look at my post earlier this week, I believe I showed a picture in progress of the rebuild!! Thanks so much for visiting!! They were hand tied originally but had been redone at some point and the springs were stapled to wood at the bottom, it was quite a mess.

  2. I recently got one of my Grandmothers dinning room chairs, lots of detail and the seat also has springs, i want to hire someone to redo the chair, do i remove the springs or not, i wanted to keep them just for the history of the chair, not sure what to do or who to hire, what should i look for in a refinisher, thanks

    1. Thanks for your reply. I actually removed the springs from these chairs. After re glueing all the joints I had wood seats cut and attached those to the chairs for stability and then added new cushions. I feel at the dining room a more sturdy seat is a bit better, but that is just my preference. So you can keep the springs, they may or may not need to be retied and the chair will need possibly to be rewetted (the burlap strips that hold the springs from the bottom). If you find a good antique upholsterer they should be able to guide you in this…. I would suggest looking at your local antique dealers, maybe a higher end antique store who has an upholsterer that they use.. This would be my starting point, I take lessons from an upholsterer who worked for years for a high end Antique shop! Hope this helps. Thanks for reading!!

  3. Ahhh I wish we had a show like that around here! Looks like tons of fun...and work! Love the chairs!

    1. Thanks Jamie! This is one of the first shows of the sort around here, so I hope that it goes well, I have always taken a road trip to shop at these sorts of shows and now I am at the other end… exhausting but hopefully totally worth it!!