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14 Ideas for Cool Teen Bedroom Design...

Designing rooms for Teenagers is all about Functionality and Personality.  

I was recently asked by HOMETALK.com to curate a forum on Teen Room Design.  I had 

the pleasure of choosing 14 fantastic rooms designed with a teenagers needs in mind;  

 individuality, function, color and fun.  A place that your teen can have for their

very own retreat, to kick back and be relaxed in an environment that reflects their own 

unique style and personality.

Isn't that what good design is all about?

I am going to link each of the designers blog posts so that you can read all the details, and 

gather up ideas  you  could use for your teens space.

The first room we are going to visit is 

this gorgeous grown up French girls bedroom:

The room is luscious and colorful and still has space to hang out with friends, but could easily transfer into a grown up room or guest bedroom.  I love the simple details of the french design.  You can visit all about this post here:


Next, we are going to visit a Teen Boy Bedroom:

This room had me at HELLO!  I love the clean lines and bright colors.  Very grown up and a very cool lounge atmosphere to hang out with friends!  You can visit the details about this post and how this mom designed the ultimate boy hangout here:


Back to the girls rooms.

Seriously, how cool is this room?  I love that dark wall with the gallery painted and framed headboard.  Brilliant.  It obviously reflects the personality of this very lucky girl.  Still room to lounge with her girlfriends and a place for everything.  I love all the white, which is so crisp and really makes the blue and green accents stand out!  Well designed!  
Check out Christina's blog and more details about this great room here:


Ok, back to another boys room.

Awesome right?  I love the colors and all of the geometric design throughout this room.
It is busy without being overload!  A place for his collections, books and art supplies while still having a lounge like feel… Are you  catching a theme here?  Teens like a place to get away from it all and lounge.  A Teen Retreat!  

I don't think this room needs too much explaining. How creative is that?  The wall map, and wait until you see the rest of this space, the use of walls for storage and the incredible entry way.  

Check out more pics and details here:

Well, we all know I love all things vintage and repurposed… That very ingenious wall art is great and so creative.  I like that some teens share a love of vintage and that it is incorporated in to their own space.

Check out the rest of the details here:

Creating a good space for siblings who share can be challenging, but this room has good design, and space for these vintage loving teens to hang out in.

That phrase wall is really a great focal point.  The attic room doesn't leave much wall space for decor or pictures, but the mural wall is a bold enough statement to give this room a ton of personality.  The use of vintage suitcase and laundry basket at the end of the beds is a very pretty touch.

Be sure to check out the before and afters of this shared attic space here:


This next room is so well done:

The details are amazing in this room.  Not a single detail was missed.  It is crisp and bold and the clean lines of the modern furniture is amazing.  The use of space in this small room 
is very functional and well designed. 
Check out these professional quality details here:

This next room, looks like an add from a Pottery Barn catalog.  

The built in wall desk here is fantastic with lots of usable space for this teen to create or do homework!  I love the shag details on the pillows and the fun and funky little personal items she has displayed, showcasing her personality!  

Check out this room over at Cottage In The Oaks:

This next boy room is fantastic, showing how to do a lot on a Little Budget!

Using what you have and going with vintage items you can create a very functional and great design!  Look at that collection of vintage globes…  You do not have to shop big chain stores or spend a lot for great design.
 You can visit all the details on how this family achieved a grown up teen look for little to no money here:


This next girls room is fun and loaded with personality!

That blue bed!!  The use of so many elements together really created a great room design here.  Just wait til you see the" STUFF wall",  I LOVE IT!  You have to see all the photos of this room design here:

The next room may look familiar…

This is my sons room.  We designed this together, which  made the project so fun.  We used a mix of vintage and homemade items as well as items that my son loves.  All of these details reflect his personality.   Together we  achieved the ultimate hang out pad  
for him to retreat! 

Check out those details here:

Bohemian Chic Girls Room:

This room may also look familiar… This is a photo of my daughters room, we did a complete overhaul when she turned 11, the bubble gum pink room and accessories and dolls were out and bohemian shabby chic is in… We even removed carpet and painted the subfloors and made our own upholstered daybed.   This room was done on a very small budget using vintage items and items from around our home.

Check out the before and after details here:

Last, but not least…

The wall treatment in this room is amazing!  So chic, and so romantic!  I love the bold walls and how they really create a beautiful background for the shabby chic details in the room.  This is a very feminine room and could definitely go all the way through college.  

You can check out the details about this room and how they achieved that gorgeous wall treatment over at HouseTalN:


I hope you enjoyed the tour of 14 great Teen Room Design Ideas.  I  want to thank each of 

the designers and bloggers for letting me use their rooms for this post.  

I hope you were able to take away a few ideas from at least a few of these great room 

designs.   Designing a room that reflects your teens personality does not have to cost a lot 

or be store bought.  Work together with your teen, you may learn a lot 

about them, our kids have unique  ideas and style, let that reflect in their space.  

Thank you for reading!  

Happy Designing!


I love to hear from you, please share your thoughts and ideas with me!! 

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