Friday, July 25, 2014

BEFORE AND AFTER PROJECTS… Getting ready for another Vintage Show.

Hi Friends!  It has been so busy around here!  I just finished a Vintage Show about one month ago and then hosted a bridal shower, went  on vacation for a week, helped with a Engagement Party and shopped for inventory all the while getting ready for yet another Vintage Show…this weekend!  I gave myself only 1 month do all of this.  
I guess that is how I roll…CRAZY!

I have been busy and excited getting ready for Vintage Home and Garden Market here in St. Louis, Mo this weekend.  I thought I would share a few Before and After pics of projects I have been working on for my inventory!



I really like how modern and clean and crisp this chair turned out… The white paint is from my collection as well… Jeanne White.  I originally was going to use a double welt for the trim around the back cushion and the seat, but changed my mind, part way through and went with a burlap gimp to add a pop of whimsy and I felt it gave the chair a casual vibe!

This chair is so fun!  I love the grey finish and distressing , it really gave the overall feel of a shabby chic design.  I used a heavy tapestry like fabric with a modern feel.  
I have an obsession with chairs…I usually never pass up a chair with cane arms or sides at any auction or estate sale.  What can I say?  "I'm a sucker for the cane!"

This stunning empire dresser is one of my favorites!  I really love the wood grain on the drawer fronts, and would have kept the entire piece wood stained ,but this piece I believe is from the late 1800's made locally here in St. Louis, and over time, the top had been replaced with another type of wood and did not stain well, so I tried to keep the integrity of the piece all the while bringing it back to life and to use in everyday life!  Waiting for its new home!  Heading to Market with me tomorrow.  

I gave a little punch of fun to this piece using mix match glass and bronze hardware.

Now, these next few, I forgot to take Before Photos….aghh.

This coffee table was an ugly brown, with some damage… I used my custom color called:
Mermaid Blue, and Tritan Grey, part of my soon to be released Furniture Paint collection.

This stunning and gorgeous detailed piece, I did not know if I would be able to 
revive so well… The finish on this piece was cracking, peeling and crumbling when I 
purchased… I used only two coats of my custom paint:  Seaglass and used a wax finish and the surface is smooth as butter… I think the light color really brings out all of the detail of this amazing antique piece.

Here are just a few more pics of fun items I am loading to take with me to Market tomorrow:

I told you, I love chairs!! Are these not the coolest??  I sometimes take vintage pieces 
with me for customers to custom order… 

This is just a few rusty vintage items I am taking along… All of these would make great yard or garden art!    That Truck grill is from a 1949 - 1953 Studebaker Truck!  I think this would be a fantastic addition to a Man Cave!!

Well, I need to get busy loading the trailer!  

Thanks for stopping by and reading!  Until next time!


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  1. Love the vanity! Good luck tomorrow!

    1. Thank you Maureen! This ITEM SOLD!!! this was my item of the day!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I,too, love cane chairs. I have three in my living room and would like to upholster them but I am afraid of taking them apart. I don't know how the seat comes off. Is there a screw under the peg that is holding the seat to the frame? I would love some directions. Any way you could guide me? Maggie

    1. Hi Maggie! In most of these cane chairs I show on my posts, YES the seat is removable, there are usually 4 screws holding the seat and cushion etc., to the chair, Once you remove this, you can remove fabric and (if needed the foam) and reupholster from this point. I have been meaning to post a" HOW TO" on upholstering these chairs, I usually have so many projects before my shows, I run out of time.
      There are a lot of staples for removal on the backs of these chairs; and you must always replace the "french back" (for back side of chair) first, then add your foam and fabric to the front side, then you reattach the seat! I hope this helps, but here is one of my Tutorials from an earlier post on a more simple chair for re-upholstering you can reference: http://www.idreamofjeannedesign.com/2013/05/step-by-step-chair-transformation-chalk.html.

      Thank you for reading, and please stay posted, I hope to share a new TUTORIAL soon!!! Have a wonderful day!