Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Hello Friends!  I have been away for a short while.  Taking a siesta at my favorite place

on earth… The Beach!  Taking time to just BE, and enjoy the beauty around me and the 

simple things in life, like bare feet, riding bikes, sandy floors, and ice cream cones or grilled  

cheese from Food trucks along the Town Center. Where kids of all ages 2-92 ride their

bikes instead of drive their cars for preferred mode of transportation, suntan lotion

and salt air smells in the air.  The sound of the ocean waves lapping the shore.

Getting tons of sunshine, and exercise… Paddle boarding the local lakes and on calmer 

days, the ocean. Taking a kayak out to see if we can spot dolphins.  Building sandcastles, 

taking a walk to check out the stores and just people watch.

The relaxing atmosphere of these idyllic towns along Highway 30A is amazing!

If you have never visited this part of Florida… You should!  Only about 30 minutes east of 

Destin and 30 minutes West of Panama City Beach.  Smack dab in the middle of 

 both cities  is Old World Florida, 

where Sand dunes are untouched, houses with bright colors and big 

porches and outdoor showers prevail.  All exterior lighting is down lighting, so from 

anywhere at night, you  can see the millions of stars.  Your kids are free to roam and ride 

their bikes with their friends and cousins to grab a quick ice-cream cone or shaved ice.

As you can see, the colors, the sights, the sounds are so inspiring!  

There are nature paths and bridges and gorgeous natural landscapes.

After such a busy time getting ready for the Vintage Bliss Market and the end of the school 

year, and so many other obligations, work, and projects, sometimes, my batteries need to 

recharge!My tank was feeling a bit low, and needed a good fueling.  And, if you have 

followed me for any time, you know that I am a true blue Beach Girl!  

I love all things beach, so when I am in beach mode, 

meaning: wearing salty skin, and my natural curly hair gets a bit wild, and I have constant 

sand on my feet,  strolling through town in my suit and coverup,  I am INSPIRED!

I love to check out all the local shops, which most often carry local artisan work!  

I have a few favorite shops in Seaside, WaterColors, as well  as in Grayton Beach 

(the original hippy beach).  I fit right in!  

Shouldn't life always be this simple?  

We even had the awesome opportunity to listen to the  Pensacola Symphony at Town 

Center; Seaside, Florida, on the 4th of July and watch the fireworks over the ocean to  

the sounds of Tschaikovsky!  Amazing!

I am so grateful for my freedoms in our Great Country.  

God Bless America!  

Well, I miss riding my bike everywhere, guess I need to get mine out of the garage and try 

to keep up with riding around town here locally.

I am so grateful as well for my time away and feeding my soul with everything…Beach!  

I am ready to get back to work, and have a lot of ideas and am inspired to get creating!  I 

hope that maybe a few of my photos will feed your soul.  

Bye for now Beach, I will visit again soon!

Thanks for reading! 

 What inspires you??  

Leave me a note, I would love to hear from you!  



  1. Oh my gosh, the beach is my fav also. Something about it just rejuvenates the soul and spirit. Coming over from Bohemian Junktion. Have a great day!

    Shannon ~ bohemianjunktion.com

    1. Thank you for visiting Shannon! Yes, I dream of the beach when I am not there…