Friday, August 29, 2014

Thank Goodness its Friday!!! A Simple and Fun Drink Recipe.

Greetings Friends!  I just want to wish you a Enjoyable and Fun Filled

3-day weekend!  Things have been crazy around here.  

Business is good!  Paint sales are going great and I introduced a new color this week and 

hopefully will add a few more next week!  

I have a new client that I am painting their kitchen and bathroom cabinets with 

I Dream of Jeanne Design Chalk Style Paint!  I will have a full blog and tutorial about

cleaning and prepping as well as painting your cabinetry soon…so stay tuned for the reveal.

Thank goodness its Friday!  A few weeks ago, I was reading a blog by my friend over at

COILYLOCKS, and she does a Wine Wednesday every week!  I love it!  New wine ideas, and

sometimes new wineries and recipes!  I adapted her recipe and made my own sparkling 

version, I love a little fizz in my drinks and like them only a bit sweet, mostly dry!

This is an easy and impressive recipe to share with friends!  


Lime Juice
Granulated Sugar ( i prefer organic cane sugar)
Sparkling Rose Wine


Put a few ice cubes in blender with about 6 strawberries and about 1/8 cup Lime juice and a TBS or two of Cane Sugar, then blend.

YUM!  Blend until smoothie consistency.

Pour into a fun vintage glass and top with sparkling Rose.

Fun, Fancy and most importantly EASY!  This is a great recipe to serve on 

a hot afternoon or evening before dinner or just because!  

I hope you enjoy!  



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  1. This sounds so tasty! I may have to add this to our cookout menu for this weekend. Thanks for sharing it!