Friday, August 1, 2014

WHAT IS TRUE DIY STYLE? Is it Inspiring others?

Being a DIY kinda gal, I of course try my hand at making my own

well, everything!!  I want to know how things are made, or how to 

accomplish a new task on my own, or just how things work!!   I love to paint furniture, I 

also love to paint artwork on canvases.  I try to mix new paints and colors all the time, is 

there a way I can do this different, better, maybe save some money, but still achieve

optimum results??  

I have always loved sharing the details of my projects and what I do with my blog audience. 

That is why I started this  blog over a year and a half ago or so. 

 I just want to share my journey  and INSPIRE you! 

 I love when I hear a story about someone who was inspired to paint a piece of 

furniture on their own because my "Homemade Recipe for Chalk Style Paint" or  

my FREE WORKSHOP  inspired them and 

empowered them to feel like they too, could DIY!  I love when someone has seen 

my before and after photos of maybe sad sagging vintage chairs or settees and wants to try 

their hand at upholstery!  Everyone has a piece of furniture in their home or a 

room, they would like to make changes to

 maybe some do not know where to start, or how they can afford to start.  

 I remember as a stay at home mom for so many years, (best 

decision I ever made) money would get tight, and having extra to spend on decor or home 

improvements was well, non-existent!  So I made what I had work or worked to make 

things the way I wanted… I did my own version of DIY.  My husband and I together have 

completely overhauled two homes in the 17 years of our marriage!  We did everything 

ourselves and figured out how to make it work, and on a BUDGET!  We are just like 

everyone else, caviar taste on a sardine budget!  I will have to say that over time our 

projects have become more complex and higher quality and we use higher quality 

equipment and products for our projects, but still we DIY .

I started my business as I Dream of Jeanne Design, to again; inspire others and share 

information and  offer my services for interior design as well as my custom painting 

and upholstery services.  I am so excited to own this creative business and to meet so many 

wonderful people along the way. 

I believe that owning and running a GREAT business is not just about "Making Money" or 

being the biggest or thinking you are the "best."  I believe that sharing , being generous 

and focusing on always doing what is right  is most important!   My work;  furniture, paint 

and designs  are my artwork, anything that represents my name has to be up to my 

standards, (and I expect a lot of myself) and represent all things that are good.

I love to offer FREE WORKSHOPS!  

I am so excited to share my tips on how I paint  furniture and what I use to others, so they 

can try their hand at DIY!  

  Sometimes a stay at home mom who's budget is tight and spending more 

than $10 is a stretch… 

I get that, remember?… been there before. 

I am excited to offer these containers of CHALK STYLE FURNITURE paint and 

offer FREE WORKSHOPS on "How to Paint your Furniture" using my paint.  


I only use the best ingredients, because the best results are important to me, I start with 

low odor, ZERO VOC high quality paint and pigments to achieve 

these results.  I  probably will keep mixing and trying new recipes, but for now, 

I am happy with the results I achieve with this paint.

I am pleased to inspire others to try DIY, 

and that my friends is TRUE DIY STYLE!

Thanks for reading and hope to see you at my workshops!  

Please remember to follow me on FACEBOOK and I will keep sharing DIY style with you!

Soon to be offered at my ETSY shop, contact me via email, or FACEBOOK 
to order yours TODAY!!!



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