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Part 2: Kitchen Remodel on a Budget: HOW TO PAINT YOUR CABINETRY WITH CHALK PAINT!

Greetings friends! 

I am sorry this has taken so long to post, but finally I am posting a tutorial about

how I updated my clients kitchen cabinetry with Chalk Paint and costing less than $60.00!

Yes, that is right, I used I Dream of Jeanne Design 'Chalk Style Furniture Paint', 

and Total costs of materials for homeowner was under $60.00!  An easy update

to this 1980's era kitchen without  huge price tag!  

This is my new line of furniture paint with my signature Beach Themed colors.  I currently

have 7 colors available in my color line, as well as 2 "Seasonal" colors available

for the fall.  I plan to add more colors by Christmas and am very excited and

proud of this product.  I love to paint with chalk paint, in fact, I ONLY paint my

vintage revivals and all furniture with Chalk Paint.

 This paint is easy to use,

great matte coverage, it's Zero VOC and low odor water based formula

is a breeze to clean up and you can paint in any room in your home without

that lingering chemical paint smell.  I love the fast drying properties and distressing

properties of this chalk style paint.

So, of course when I was commissioned

to help update this kitchen, I used no other than my own Chalk Style Paint,

with complete confidence to complete the project.

Remember on my last post, I showed the kitchen's before photos?

You can read all about how I prepped these cabinets for paint (removed years of

dirt and grime with simple household items):


So, the cabinets are prepped, and I am ready to paint, what materials do I need?



Good Quality Paint Brushes.  
(I use Purdy Nylox  2" and  2 1/2" angled brushes.)

Water Based PolyAcrylic in Flat Finish


(I personally do not like the finished look that the roller leaves behind, I
also like to do everything by hand, so I can control the paint easier and
be aware of how each stroke turns out, meaning, I have to take my time.)
(Taking your time the first time, saves you time in the long run!)

YEP, that is all!  I know, everyone you talk to about painting your cabinets, or

that you research is probably telling you to sand, clean, prime (probably with some

chemical strong KILZ or something first), use a roller, and then you have the mess of roller trays, and

such.  But I say, never mind all that… Just clean your

cabinetry like I did in Part 1 and now you paint… THAT SIMPLE!!!

I started with the cabinet bases or frames of the cabinets.

I used the angle brush for the fronts and the wide brush for the sides and

base panels.  (these cabinets already had a white interior… that made it easy)


 I worked on the doors, I had an empty house at this point, so I set up all the doors on

tarps and all over the room to work on one side at a time. (it did help when I layer the doors

on a bit of an angle, like using old photo frames or cookie sheets).

Just like with all the furniture I paint, I always choose the hard areas or

hard to reach places first, so here I painted the door frames and edges, and then

moved onto painting the flat surfaces of the cabinet panels.

This particular kitchen, I had 24 doors and 9 drawers fronts to paint as well as the

kitchen island and the bases.  I make my paint in small batches, so not to dry out in the

midst of painting, and I like to always clean the edges of my paint can as I go.

This keeps those crusty bits of dried paint from falling into your fresh paint and

then sticking themselves to your brushes and surfaces, etc.,!

So, I painted  only 2 coats of paint on these cabinets, and achieved

complete coverage and a beautiful finish.  That is another awesome property of

Chalk Style Paint, it dries quick, which means: quicker turn around time, you can

paint your second coat, usually the same day!

Now, some areas did need maybe another quick coat of paint, such as the kitchen

island base.  This is a large area, with alot of wear and tear,

 I wanted a thick cover on these areas.


I always, use a find grit sand pad or my palm sander with 220 grit paper, after I paint

with Chalk Style Paint to just make sure the surface is even, and no little crusties stick

around, and no accidental paint glops or drips stay on my furniture.  Also, doing this easy

step, helps you achieve a butter smooth surface.

(I simple run the sander over all the surfaces without using pressure, when I am NOT distressing.)


Sometimes, when painting, some of your surfaces may crack or bubble, or goop in certain areas

like this corner of the cabinet door…

So to fix this, I simple sand down this corner and just add another quick coat of paint.


To seal these cabinets I chose a water based Poly Acrylic in Flat sheen.

I usually would wax all surfaces by hand, but this is not for my own use and

I wanted to assure longevity and durability of the new homeowners of this kitchen, without

having to re-wax for maintenance!  The kitchen is a highly used and high traffic area

of your home, so this is when I suggest to use a tougher top coat on the surface.

Painting is Complete my friends!!  Here is a sneak peek of the painted project!

Outstanding coverage and a huge transformation is happening for a little

cost in this kitchen!


Dawn dish soap and water!!!  SO EASY!

(this is a water based latex paint, so even if you accidentally drop a few bits on your

counters or other areas in your kitchen;  easy to clean, use a spatula or

 mud knife to scrape and then easily clean with dish soap and water!!)

I hope you enjoyed PART 2 of this Kitchen Remodel on a Budget!  

Painting cabinetry does not have to cost much or take a lot of steps to complete!

Thank you so much for reading!

Be sure to stay tuned for the COMPLETE REVEAL SOON!  

Have a  Wonderful Wednesday!



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