Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tips for a Great Vintage Show!! Ideas for Displays and more...

Good Morning Friends!

I'm exhausted… Just finished a 3 day show over this past weekend  at 

Rocking J Ranch in High Ridge, MO.  It was called the Vintage Peddler.

 A vintage and rustic, as well as hand made weekend market!  

Such a fun and great event.  

So much goes into planning and preparing and setting up for a 

successful weekend.  As a vendor,  it's not only  about offering beautiful and 

unique inventory, but creating eye catching displays and being able

to connect with your audience.  Creating a relationships with your 

customers so they remember their experience with you and 

hopefully follow you and your work.  

I love to fuel peoples imagination, and inspire them.  I try to achieve

 this with my displays.

The mermaid is my signature, it represents my company logo and it is a 

symbol that everyone can remember me by.  If you read my earlier post

about why I chose a mermaid for my logo it is because I believe mermaids

fuel peoples imaginations.  I think it connects with the child in each of us

as well.  What little girl doesn't love the idea of "The Little Mermaid"? 

You can read my post about my logo here:

When, deciding on my  booth size, position etc., I always try to 

purchase a larger booth size, more space for customers to browse and more 

space for me to create cozy areas or a "room like feel". 

I use a mantle as my backdrop for my booth, it creates a room to build on.

This season I chose to do a dining room table setting as my centerpiece.  

I have used antique chandeliers before as my center, this year, I chose to use 

a vintage window, and created a vintage display using elements that captured 

my signature style, burlap, starfish, whites and ribbons(shabby chic style).

I plan on doing a tutorial on How To Make soon.

I always want to leave space for customers to walk around each piece of furniture, 

while trying to beckon or invite them in a little further to explore.

Since, this was a fall show, I used of course fall decor.  

I brought my urns from my own home(which sold) and just laid the large  muted 

colored pumpkins on top.  (to make the pumpkins look so good: I clean 

first with antibacterial soap and brush and then spray poly all over for a shine)

My arbor is made from two antique French doors with original glass(they are

breathtaking) and I assemble an antique ladder on top with wrought iron 

braces and of course decorate… Just popping up a tent is not enough for me,

I want the tent to blend into my display not be the center of attention.

My biggest selling point is not just having antiques or inventory to sell…

its displaying my items so anyone can imagine how to use in their own 

home.  I did this table setting to show off my Ironstone inventory, I think

it is so much more appealing than just being piled up in a corner.

I aslo, do not want my customers to forget where they are… Creating my logo and branding

my business is just as important.  I am sure to have my cards readily available for 

customers to grab at a moments notice.  

Labeling, and tagging:  So IMPORTANT!!!  Customers may walk away if an item

is not tagged.  It is an investment in time and just a small amount of 

money you can have labels printed with your logo clearly stating pricing and 

any details you want to add.  The label then goes home with the 

piece and the new owner will remember where they purchased!!

I try to use all pieces of furniture for display in a unusual way.  I displayed my frames and 

Ironstone platters together in this wicker planter..

(don't mind those boxes, these were taken before opening…)

This is a the entry way to the venue…

Super cute right??  

Well, of course I could not pull off completely single handedly.  Thank you so much to my

wonderful and supportive husband for his help and handyman skills as well

as always sporting an apron and helping with sales.  This year my youngest boo at

8 years old came two days with me to help out!! He made friends and fell in love with 

the live music that played.  He even did a little vintage shopping of his own and purchased

a gumball machine as well as an antique camera!!

There were so many talented and friendly vendors I met at this event.  I am proud to 

now call friends.  I thought I would share a few pics of the other displays  to inspire you

for your next show!!

The "band"… Forest Green.  My son was their biggest fan, each day he would  loyally 

watch and admire them!!

So much vintage and talent in one place… a vintage shoppers dream!!  

Well, this was a successful show, both in creating relationships and hopefully attracting

more of a following for my business, as well as almost selling out!!

Thanks for reading!  

I hope you enjoyed and were inspired for your next vintage show!  

Have a wonderful day!


I appreciate your support and following as well as your comments.  Thank you!!

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