Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Recap of my Favorite Vintage Revivals this year!!

Greetings Friends!  

Happy November!  

I cannot believe how quickly time passes.  It seems like just yesterday I was 
starting my business selling my Vintage Revivals. (it was just April)

As I reminisce, I started looking over all the fun and beautiful revivals 
that have passed through my doors

  Each vintage piece I bring home from 
either an estate sale or auction, I put my heart and soul
into the revival process.  I am so proud of each of these unique pieces 
and glad to say that they all have SOLD and have new appreciative owners.

That is the other part I love about this business, I really get to 
meet such wonderful people and customers(who I like to consider friends) 
and love to be able to inspire others.

So, won't you join me down a little photo journey down memory lane?

"The Settee".  This was a work of love.  Truly a learning experience for me,
with upholstery and antiques.  I am proud of  the finished results.

This chair was  the start of my LOVE of cane chairs and french backs.
I rarely shop for chairs that are a different style.  I truly enjoy reviving these
into a fresh and new "modern shabby chic style."

These antique Eastlake Chairs, were quite the project.
I also stirred up a bit of buzz on my Hometalk page for changing the 
"original style".

I think the new "fresh and modern twist is perfect!"

I really love the lines of this Empire Dresser.  It has so much character, the finish
was fun for me to experiment a little and do something a little more
masculine than my other pieces.  

This piece was so exciting for me, this is where I showcased my 
Chalk Style Furniture Paint. 
The color is"Mermaid Blue" and I finished this piece with distressing
and then added both a dark and light wax finish.  

This gorgeous vanity was so old and the wood was so dry and brittle, 
I was just hoping to "somewhat revive".  But, what turned out was a 
STUNNING piece painted in my "Seaglass" color from my paint line.
(This piece only lasted about 1 hour at the vintage show)

The lines on this antique dresser are beautiful and I painted in my 
"Jeanne White" Chalk Paint.  

Ok, so this style was completely out of the box for me, and also one of my favorites!  
The mid-century lines are gorgeous and I finished with a gloss top coat of paint,
rather than my matte chalk paint and restained the wood drawer fronts.  
(The piece sold as soon as I set it out for display, before the doors opened!)

I love to do little pieces.  The union jack was fun  and was a quick seller!

Besides, just doing revivals, I love to do "Big Displays".  This table I custom 
painted, was painted specifically for this particular show. 
 I really loved the entire look and display.  

Just another shot of the table and display.   The chandelier was made from an
old window and glass ornaments and starfish.  
(Check out those gold metallic dipped table legs.)

Of course, my other favorites were when my revivals all were showcased together!!
This is a picture of my very first Vintage Show.  I had a blast getting ready and 
setting up this display.  I had a very successful weekend!  

This is a picture of my last show of the year.  I participated in a fall Barn Show.
Doing only a few shows a year makes it easier for me to manage and to enjoy.
I really loved the cozy feeling.  

I am happy to look back at some of my projects and so thankful to say that 
each piece I have shown has been SOLD and has a new home!  

This has been a very busy, educational and exciting first year of business.

I am taking time now to reflect on this year and to plan for my next business year.  
I have decided to currently  focus on my custom work and my family.  

As we approach the end of the year  I feel it is a time to Be Thankful and Reflect.  

I have embarked on a new journey also as this fall.  I am now homeschooling my 8 year 
old son and want to make sure that his needs and our family life and future
are my number one priority.  I am so grateful for my God given gifts,  including
my talents, my children and my freedoms and grateful for you my readers.  

I hope to share more about my future adventures with my vintage business and 
my homeschooling journey.  

Please stay tuned, I have some fun DIY projects for your holidays.  
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As always thank you for reading and have a blessed day!
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