Thursday, December 4, 2014


Happy December Friends!  

This post is long overdue…

I have been busy doing some projects around my house that have been neglected by me 
over the past year of starting my business and refurbishing furniture and homes for others.

I took a much needed break from it all, to paint, clean, and work on getting
my home ready to decorate for the Holidays.

So, even though I had repainted all my walls throughout the family and kitchen area
and changed out drapes and wall decor and furniture, setting up 
to add my Christmas decor, I am just now getting the final details worked out.

Between out of town company, Thanksgiving feasts times 2, a 70th Birthday
party,  homeschooling, my husbands traveling schedule, picking up and dropping off
kids at activities, still trying to get to the gym myself, as well as my husband getting 
a horrible flu bug that lasted for almost a week, I am happy to report I am almost done.

My goal for this Holiday Season, was to finish all of the big details as early as 
possible in the month, so I can sit back and really enjoy the "magic" of the season.
Isn't that what is really is about?  

I love this time of year. There are so many 
sad, hateful and tragic events that happen all over the world everyday, that fill
our minds and thoughts, blasted all over the news and social media.  Sometimes
just being able to reflect on the good and the magic of Christmas, is really 
just what the soul needs.  

Using this time  to remember to pay if forward… do kind deeds
for your neighbors, family and friends; even if it is just a small gestures like a phone 
call or visit, fresh baked cookies, or helping shovel a driveway
 or holding a door open so a busy mother with a stroller and 
toddler can pass through without a struggle, or paying for the cars coffee behind you
in the drive thru line at Starbucks.    Maybe adopt a family in need this year… 

The happy music reminding us all of happy times and 
memories made with loved ones.  The twinkling lights, smell of fresh baked cookies,
cinnamon,  pine trees and watching sappy Christmas Hallmark movies, all of 
these things make this month so fun, and I love to spend that time with friends and family 
 to share laughter, food, drinks, games, and gifts with them.

Only a few days left until Christmas.  

I thought I would share a few glimpse of Christmas throughout my home this year.

Between shopping, wrapping, and hiding of presents, I love to entertain!  
Stop by, and lets share a drink!!

You may notice a theme… I love Santa Claus!

My office is still a work in progress…  I added a Lambskin rug and a few cozy seats
in front of my white light  tree… My theme in this room is vintage!  

My collection of antique glass ornaments fill this Ironstone chamber pot.

 I really like this little sitting area to sit and chat.

I love how cozy my family room is… I just painted at the walls;
 "Sherwin Williams-coastal villa".

(the blank space behind the sofa will soon adorn a large ornate mirror)

The pics are a bit dark, because it is a gloomy day out and I just snapped a few
 pics with my iPhone, so that I could get the post finished!!  

I feel the pie safe looks a bit bare with no decor on top… But it now hosts my husbands
new sound bar…  So, c'est la vie!  

We always do a real tree.  I like Frasier Firs.  I love the smell of fresh cut pine.   
I also love the  hunt for the perfect tree each year! 
This year it was snowing when we were tree shopping,  that was fun!

I love to change my decor and mantle each year… I think this year is 
one of my favorites.

The pre lit garland is so simple and beautiful.  I have tried real greenery many years
but I always have to change it out after a short time, because it gets so brittle
and dry, so I do all faux greenery now, except the tree!

My kitchen "helper"!

I am working on a woodland theme in my dining room this year.  
This gorgeous reindeer sleigh is  one of my favorite decor items,
it reminds me of my family trip to Estes Park in the snow a few years ago.  
That is where I purchased it and love to be reminded of those good times!

The vintage decor is so fun… This is a tray I keep on display on my kitchen counters.

Well, I am hoping to get everything complete and better photos to share 
with you this season.

I also hope to spend more time this year, just doing what is most important:
spending time with family, friends and helping others.  

I wish you and yours the very best Holiday Season!  

Thank you so much for reading!  

Happy Holidays!  


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