Friday, December 5, 2014

Lets talk about BLING! And how to dress up your chandelier for the Holidays.


Bring on the sparkle!  I love the shine and glimmer of a little bling.  Twinkle lights,

glitter, crystals, and of course diamonds… but that is for another post!wink.

I have pretty simple taste when it comes to decor and decorating my home. 

I like simple and classic with a twist of bohemian.  

And what girl doesn't love a little bling in her life??

I have this simple and rustic wrought iron chandelier in my dining room:

I need to dress her up for the holidays!  So I thought I would share a quick and easy

way to add a little holiday decor to your chandy!


I started with a garland…Nothing more simple than garland that is twistable, 
movable and already completely assembled.  I know you could use greenery picks 
to achieve the same thing, 
but, I adore this garland, it has flocking and red bells and greenery. 
 Some garlands are too thick and I want to add 
just a bit a Christmas to dress up the light and really want my BLING to shine!


Just lay the garland inside the chandelier arms and wrap and twist to achieve the 
effect you want.  This garland was perfect, because it was not to thick and easy 
to manipulate.


BLING!!!  I purchased 10 dangling crystals to adorn my light.
I have a Five arm chandler, so I added 5 of each style to create interest.
I purchased these at a local decorating boutique here in St. Charles
Missouri, "The White Hare".  (each crystal was only $4.99)

These crystals already had hooks, so I just hung them right onto the garland.

I just staggered each crystal.

I am so happy with the results.  I have a dressed light fixture that shines brightly.

This is simple enough to make a big statement without a lot of work or being 

"too much".  

Simply gorgeous!

I hope this inspires you to dress up your chandelier this holiday season!

Thank you for reading!  

As always, I love to hear from you.  

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Crystals:  4.99  each 
I used a 20% OFF coupon  

Garland:  FREE  already had in my storage tubs.

TOTAL COST:  $39.92!!!

Alot of bling for a little bang!


  1. Great idea Jeanie, I also bought cute Christmas napkin rings and put them at the base of each light.

    1. Thanks Eileen!! I am sure your light looks great!!
      Thank you for the comment!