Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January home updates, and a surprise announcement!!

Happy Monday Friends!

I cannot believe it is already half way through the month of January!

Where has the time gone?  

Life has been crazy busy and exciting here at our home.  We have some

BIG NEWS to share soon with you.  

While we all wait together for our big announcement, I thought I

would share a few projects that have been keeping me busy.

A few updates around the house!!

I have been adding PINK flowers all around the house…
Don't forget my newest pink color in my Chalk Paint Collection 
will be released soon!!

I like the feeling of my family room right now, and love the twinkle lights 

above my mantle, I think they will stay  awhile!

Just a little freshening up creates a whole new feel to the room.

REMEMBER the stairwell I had started working on awhile back???

Well, I have not shown the finished project yet, because I have a lot of touch 

up painting and such to finish, but we did install a new GORGEOUS hand made

light fixture in my entry way and you can get a glimpse of the stairwell here:

I love how the contrasting paint colors have changed the whole 

look as you enter my home. If I ever get to finishing the touch 

up painting , I will plan to do an entire blogpost on 

how we accomplished this look.

I also have been busy working on our homeschool room/home office/playroom.

This room hosts the biggest changes we are still working on and thought I would

share the progress here:

The sling chair is a fun reading spot for my little man!  

The tent, is just a hint…

(How do you combine a room for so many uses and it still look stylish in your home?
I am still working on this and will share the process as this room evolves.)

These are just a few of the updates we have been working on

around our home, and don't forget to stay tuned, because we have

news we are soo excited to share!!  

As always, thank you for reading!  

Have an ADORABLE day!!





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