Saturday, January 10, 2015


Happy New Years Friends!!

I cannot believe that it is already 2015… and mid January to boot!?

So, the Christmas decorations, and fun are over, and BABY its COLD OUTSIDE!!

The cold dreary weather is reaching a high of about 9 degrees today!!

Most days lately have been cloudy, I need a little sunshine and light in my life.

My house seems so dull… I have all my winter whites out this year, yet I feel

I need a mood booster… So, PINK comes to mind.

How does pink affect your mood?

I am wanting to add a new bright and cheery Shabby Chic to my paint color

collection.  I am working on a pink, but getting just the right pink

is a bit harder than you think… Not too peach, not too warm.

I thought I would share a little of my inspiration for the month

as I work on adding to my color line.

The pink water here is absolutely stunning!!

How sweet are pink threads?

These pinks are fun and bright, maybe too bright for my paint line…

Ahh, the soft pinks are my favorites.

Pastel pink, hot pink?

I love the idea of painted pink furniture in a room…

The pinks are just the right pop to add a little cheer to your day!!

I cannot wait to share my newest paint color with you!


I hope the pink brightened your COLD day!!

As always, Thank you for reading!  

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(all photos via PINTEREST)


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