Monday, March 2, 2015

Gorgeous Pink and White Party Ideas for your Baby! DIY and on a budget.

Happy Monday Friends!  

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of  decorating for a special baby party.

These ideas are perfect for your little ones baptism or christening ceremony.

I had a short amount of time  to create and an even smaller budget to 

pull off a gorgeous and intimate atmosphere for a special occasion! 

I started with a simple color theme:  Soft Pink and White.

Heres how I did it:

This party was a sit down dinner for family and friends… An intimate setting was created 

using simple statements and colors.

I love setting tables, and setting a simple but elegant table is always my go to.

There were 13 seatings at this table, so we kept things as simple and streamlined

as possible.  You can never go wrong with white dishes or tablecloths.  

To create the "table runner" I simply used 4 different soft pink colored 

and textured ribbons. 

I always purchase my ribbons bolts at Hobby Lobby when they run their

sales for 50% off.  I use ribbons on tables for all sorts of occasions for 

a simple and easy pop of interest!  

You also can never go wrong with candle light.  Nothing says intimate and cozy

like the glow of candles.  I purchase the packs of filled votives from Hobby Lobby

there are 12 candles in each box for only $5.99.  (use your 40% coupon)

To create this effect down the table, I used two short square vases and

only one taller vase to add height along with simply two taper candles.

The flowers were simple and inexpensive to do myself.  

I love to go to Trader Joes for my florals… So affordable.  

I started with( 4 ) $4.99 bunches of roses in such a soft pink,

I also purchased two bouquets of the filler purple flower for only $3.99 each,

the greenery I love to use is Eucalyptus branches for only $4.99.

I just recreated the same bouquet for each table down the table.  

Simple and Stunning for just a little elbow grease and money!

The gift staging area shaped up nicely, everyone must have gotten the memo for pink!!

The dessert table was the other fun area to decorate… Sorry the pictures aredark.

The desserts were kept in the color theme as well, white chocolate covered

pretzel sticks with pink sugar, and white meringue cookies, and a few candies.
The biggest splurge for the party was the cake.  

The rolled fondant icing and the ruffles and bow are just gorgeous!

TIP: To keep the cost down, I ordered a smaller cake.  The top tier

was just for looks!!  

Simple frames from Hobby Lobby were purchased and I used card stock and 

a gold paint pen to write the quote.

The little lamb is precious just like babies, the glass pacifier was a custom 

made gift that added just another simple baby touch!

Simple, elegant and inexpensive party for family to celebrate baby!  

I had a lot of ideas to add for decor, but as I was putting it all together, 

I had a made a decision to keep everything simple as possible and 

am very happy with the results.   

Entertaining is not about just your decor, its about enjoying time with 

family and friends.  But creating an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable 

and special is fun and can be done simply with things you have around your home.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my simple dinner party for baby!!

I hope to have more to share with you soon!  

Stay tuned…


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  1. Lovely! Who did your cake?

    1. Hi Melissa, One of my oldest and dearest friends Dawn Indelicato Faw who owns her own bakery on the side here in St Louis. If you are interested I can give you her information… She does gorgeous work, full time a high school teacher and mom, part time baker!! I use her for all my parties!!! Gorgeous cookies and cupcakes too!!!