Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Hello Friends!!

It has been little while, so much has been going on.  I am still trying to wrap
head around being a mom of 4!  So much to do everyday just doing 
the "mom thing", without adding trying to keep up with my business
and blogging,  homeschooling and our projects we have going on at our house!!
Throw in all the meetings and trainings and visits I have to attend for
our foster care, and I am a bit stretched thin, but figuring it all out!

I wouldn't trade it for anything!  Having this little girl in our lives is 
really such a blessing, alot of work, but a blessing!!  

What I am working on right now, is my "Backyard Dream Project"!
Our ultimate goal in our backyard is to have  a clean and family
friendly entertaining space.

Our family has grown, but our house has not… So we are extending 
our home outdoors.  We will have a larger patio poured.
We will have  and outdoor kitchen/grill area, a fireplace and large 
seating/bar area.   After the masonry work is complete, we are
planning on building a vinyl and wood pavilion to cover the 
entire area with lighting and all..

This is a huge project and I will  try to share the steps with you 
as we work on it all, and share details.( and measurements)  


Here are a couple of before photos of our back yard.

We started on this project last year, by having the large trees removed… This wasn't 
really our favorite choice, but they were hit by lightening  and created GIANT 
messes all the time as well as problem with their roots so close to our house.

The trees added a great canopy over our patio for shade.
So, one important aspect of our new project is to also create an area with shade.
We love to entertain and spend ALOT of time outside in our backyard.

You can see in the  backdrop of this photo here, that retaining wall had to be replaced.
It was rotten and falling into the yard...

I  dug up as many perennials to reuse in our new landscape.

Here is a view of yard this spring… The trees have been removed, and
that retaining wall has been cleaned up and replaced. 

The first thing that had to go was my little shabby chic garden… We needed
space for the backhoe and big equipment to come through.

We are doing this project on a super tight budget and alot of DIY…
To save on costs of tear out and haul away, I listed my garden on Craigslist
FOR FREE if they would come and remove ALL.  
I have SOLD almost all of my other outdoor pieces, like the salvage I had 
been collecting and garden art and furniture on my Facebook page!

This is where the garden once stood… muddy out here so far.

This is the backyard after demo… ALOT OF MUD and mess.  

This is our empty canvas to begin building a gorgeous "Dream Backyard".

So, demolition went rather quickly and inexpensively.  We have already 
started the next phase and I will document all of those steps for you soon too!

Thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing the rest of the story.

Have a wonderful day!


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