Friday, April 10, 2015

PART 2: PROJECT "DREAM BACKYARD", Prepping for the Brick and Stone work.

Greetings Friends!  

So my last post was all about our Dream Backyard Demolition!

Demo left alot of mud and deep ruts from the street all the way to 

my back yard and more… But, I have to remember the end goal right??

So much has been happening around here, we went on a trip 

to visit family in Dallas over Easter and we celebrated my daughters

13th birthday this week!! Been a bit busy, and we have had ALOT of

rain, I mean torrential downpours and a bit of flooding to slow things

down a bit.  But so happy with the progress so far.

I thought I would start by sharing a few photos:

This is where I left you last… after DEMO.. concrete, trees and garden have been
removed and we are left with MUD!!!

Remember me mentioning the RUTS in the yard… Yes, these have our entire
neighborhood creeping their necks as they drive by to see what is going
on at our house, and probably hoping that we fix this soon!!!

So next, we had tons of rock dropped off and  forms built for the outside
edge of our new patio areas… 
(yes, i set my chair on the rocks to get a feel of my future patio!!)

I also, had mentioned before how we had very large 20 something year old
trees removed last year… still running into a root mess everywhere…. 
Apparently the stump was not ground deep enough.. so note to any of you 
that are looking to have trees removed: make sure they ground the stumps
very deep and wide at time of removal!!

SO… rock has been added for a base for concrete… much more needs to be added!The forms were built to pour the concrete
 for our outdoor kitchen and fireplace area…
Once, this is set, then the bricks and stones will start coming together!!!
(We are having all brick and stone work, as well as 
electric, gas and drains run first, prior to concrete being  poured).  

This weekend we plan to run drains from our 
gutters  out into our yard, to a french drain to help with any water problems.

NOTE:  So glad we decided to pour concrete later… I have already changed my mind "a few times" about size and shape 
of the  patio now that I see the layout of kitchen and fireplace!!

The bricks have arrived, sand, stone and more machinery and messes too…
YES, neighbors now see ruts and mud everywhere as well as 
this in my front yard!!

This isn't the best picture of the bricks, but I am so in love with them..
Took a bit to find the perfect color…This was exactly
the look I wanted… NOT too red or matchy  matchy,
something that could look like "old" brick and yet
still have a crisp look with the stone.

This is the beautiful stone that will be added to our  space!!  

Ok, now it is getting exciting.. Scaffolding is being put up , bricks and stone
have been delivered..  We are in process of ordering our stainless 
doors, cabinets, grill etc., for the kitchen/bar area!!! 

(notice the sun is still shining here??)

Here is a peek of the base being set for the fireplace there in the
center… and the corner here on 
the right with a bit of stone is the grill area..  

I LOVE that combination of brick and stone!
(DID I MENTION that using a combination of brick and stone 
is a HUGE cost saver??? traditional all stone fireplace or outdoor
kitchen is about double or more in materials cost.)

THEN.. The rains came!!!

So here is where we sit for now and more to come later…

I cannot wait to grade our side yard… get the drains from the gutters put into the ground,
The electric and gas lines run also!!!

We have landscaping to figure out, I have been looking around for trees
to add privacy as well as beauty!!  More about that on a later post!!! 

You can read all about our demo and what our yard looked like before here:


Thank you so much for reading, and be sure to check back for more details of the 
fireplace, kitchen area too!!!  



Have a wonderful weekend!!

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