Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Why do I have a mermaid for my logo??


If you have followed me for any time, or are new here, I wanted to give you a little background about my mermaid logo.

I have been asked the question: "Why the mermaid?"  

Answer:  I am a bohemian spirited gal with  a love of ALL things BEACH and 

SEA related.  I love shells, I love ocean colors, I love the smell of salt air, I love 

how my hair feels after swimming or paddle boarding in the ocean, the beach 

breezes, the relaxed feel, flip flops, sand, tee shirts  and cut off jeans, cold 

drinks and the overall good feeling

that comes from times at the beach! 

But who doesn't right??  

The mermaid is a beautiful creature I have always adored.  The shape, the idea, the stories and the beauty of this mythical creature.  


 My love of all things vintage and the idea and style of Vintage pinup tattoos and artwork are another love of mine… So I combined these  aspects and  that is how 
 "I Dream of Jeanne Design" logo.
( with the help and brilliance of Heather Cox of COX CREATIVE)

I do have blonde hair and also a love of stars, I have stars tattooed on my neck, and I adorn my windows in my home with starfish, My front porch sports vintage tin stars and anywhere I can add this shape… I DO!  

So, as Market approaches I am busily getting ready and  I have 
my car now sporting my logo… 

I drive a very large vehicle, because I am known to stop at every auction, garage sale or estate sale and bring home a large load of future projects!!

I am also having aprons embroidered with my logo, for my  workshop(lots of paint ruined clothing)  and for all my help to wear at the Vintage Bliss Market to signify my booth.  

Today, I am printing a million tags for my items and including my logo on the labels.

 I hope I can inspire  you and fuel your imagination.  I also hope  that you enjoy 

following along on my journey of I Dream of Jeanne Design.  

Thank you for reading!  I would love to hear your comments!!  

Have a great day!


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