Tuesday, September 8, 2015


FINALLY FRIENDS.... our project is complete, time to share:

Time to relax, because the hard work is complete and enjoy a little drink!  

 Remember what our yard looked like before?  

Here it  is now:

This was a long process in the making... Last year we had the 2 large 

trees removed behind the house.  Let things settle a bit, and this spring 

we started demolition on the backyard you can read  all about that here:


and here:


This was a family project.  Everyone had their part in it... Lots of sweat,  

teamwork,  power tools and  contractors were used during this process!!!

I will have to say that it does make a difference to sit under our pavilion knowing

that we built it from the ground up ourselves!!


The water feature is all of our families favorite spot!  

The soothing sound of the water is really relaxing.

You can see that we continued a theme of the boulders throughout the landscape.

We even have a few incorporated into our patio.  We chose to go with exposed 

aggregate for its texture and durability!

(Don't mind how I have been neglecting to water the sod!)

I really wanted low maintenance garden for privacy.  This is an

extension of our home, so having that feeling of being cozy was very important!

We installed low voltage  landscape lighting  around the exterior, 

lighting up trees and pathways.  

Just gorgeous at night!

This  ceiling was  a tedious labor of love!!  

Each and every piece of that stained ceiling was installed by hand!  

By yours truly,  my husband and son, even my dad had stopped by 

and climbed the roof to help!  

We decided to go with these strands of outdoor bistro lights, rather than

traditional lighting or spotlights.  We used all Edison bulbs, really a cool effect!

The lighting is installed on a dimmer so we can create the perfect

lighting for any mood or party.

I used traditional living room style furnishings made 

for the outdoors,  a comfy spot to sit and relax!   

I chose this exotic stone granite for our tops.  It has beautiful colors and movement

to pull out the red in the bricks and not too busy for the space.

This is the perfect area for entertaining and outdoor meals!

Remember the whole backdoor delima I had posted before...?

We decided no  steps and had the concrete raised so we

could step right outside... So much easier and love the streamlined entry.

(New outdoor lantern to be installed and exterior door, now that construction is over)

A few plantings and color really brighten up the space...  

I really love this grass we planted, the purple colors are so soothing and 

I love the breezy look and how it softens this hard space...

Just a little more color.

Thanks for taking the tour of our 

#projectdreambackyard with us!  

I hope this backyard space inspires you...

Again, love to hear your comments and appreciate you reading!

Talk to you soon!  

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