Wednesday, January 4, 2017

WINTER DECOR IDEAS for Decorating your Home after Christmas.


WOW!  The holidays are behind us and all the festivities and busyness of the season went by so fast, I cannot believe it is already 2017.  

Well, I love the holidays as I am sure you do.  I love the music, the decor, the cookies, drinks,  family gatherings and things Christmas!  

I can tend to go a bit over board sometimes with my decorating I ended up this year with 5 trees going up and red everywhere.  I tend to gravitate to more neutral palette, so after 4 weeks or so of all the busyness of my Holiday decorations, I am ready to pack it up and simplify my surroundings.  But, I really enjoy the coziness of the twinkling lights, fire place roaring, the frosted greenery and cheerful pillows, when I take everything down, 
it is almost sad.  
I want to continue that cozy feeling and a bit of the twinkle without the Christmas theme.  
So how do I accomplish this?  

I thought I would share a little photo tour of my family room with a bit of winter cozy design.


Ok, so I finally gave in last year to my family's pleadings for a wall mounted tv above the fireplace!

Argh...  I really do enjoy the picture  but a design nightmare for me, although I know I live in REAL life, this is a REAL home, and we are a  REAL family, so we have a tv above our fireplace like millions of other homes across the world!  

My dilemma is always how to decorate my mantle and try not to make the television the focus point of the room, I want to try to make it blend, I have tons of ideas which require construction and such (aka: MONEY), but for now, I just use what I have to add to the areas "around" the tv and my husbands speakers....

So this is how our family room looks for January keeping it cozy  and casual with a flair of Bohemian drama, my "go to" style!  I always use lots of candle light and cozy blankets all around to wrap up in and cuddle up.

So lets start here with my SOFA.  It is a very used and well worn sectional that   my family tends to lounge in morning, noon and night...  When the all the Red and Santa pillows are packed up I bring out the soft, plush and cozy white pillows.  I just layer what I have and maybe add a new one here and there... My family demands "usable" pillows; meaning ones they can lay their head on without getting poked with sequins,  jewels or feathers... So we compromise; I get to add just a few of my "decor" pillows to the layers of soft. 

So, the bay window:  I have swapped out my drapes for an all white backdrop for the room, I usually do this as I decorate for Christmas, I prefer a soft background to loud colors.

I also added new lamps from my inventory at the shoppe (Fluer de Chic, see below) with a metallic touch.  The winter scenery with deer pillow can stay out for most of the winter season.. I love that!  

Ok, so for the most part, I pack up all greenery, but this pitcher fits the bill filled with wintery branches of pinecones and soft lights... I just added 2 glittery feathers to the pot.

This little vignette on my coffee table was fun to create.  The exotic carved wood tray was the perfect nesting spot for a few more candles and a few fun elements.  If you notice here I used an odd number of objects and a variety of finishes that all complimented each other  to achieve this collected and cohesive look.  I added just a pop of that blue green to my soft white and metallic palette, you can see repeated through the room, with my throw blankets in the basket and touches of it on my rug.  

Just another view of the vignette.

As I mentioned before I have just a touch of the blue/green color throughout the room.  It tends to be a color I gravitate to.  I love my rug because I can choose to pull any color from it to decorate.  I keep my walls and furniture neutral and that way it is easy to change things out without having to make big investments.  Little things like pillow, vignettes or lamps can easily be swapped out each season!  

This is just showing the texture of the metallic lamps.  I love to mix textures and styles.

I love this room and how it all came together with a cozy feeling for the winter months.

A home should tell a story and be inviting all while looking collected over time.  I love to mix all the different styles here to create a room that is comfortable 
and reflects my family's style.  

I hope you enjoyed this quick photo tour, I hope to share more rooms with you soon as well 
as a "HOW TO VIDEO" on creating winter centerpieces.  So stay tuned.  

Thank you for reading and I hope to inspire you for creating a cozy landing spot in your home for the winter months.    


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Sofa:  Pottery Barn  (comfort collection)
Coffee table:  West Elm
Rattan Chair: Pottery Barn
Chalk Painted Dresser:  (custom design by I Dream of Jeanne Design)
Rug:  Target
Pillows:  Target, Pottery Barn, Home Goods, Ikea
Lamps:  Fluer de Chic  (from I Dream of Jeanne Design)
Fluer de Chic, a small unique boutique located in Chesterfield MO.
16636 Old Chesterfield Rd.

Candle sticks:  I Dream of Jeanne Design (featured at Fluer de Chic and online soon)
All Decor Items from Varied stores:  Fleur de Chic, Home Goods, Pottery Barn, and more.

Thank you again for reading!

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