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Our Adoption Story... Foster care to adoption

Our Adoption Story...

Greetings Friends!  It has been awhile since my last post, my apologies, I normally post my tutorials and news about my business on this blog, but today thought I would share a little more personal story with you.  Our amazing adoption story!  

This past week February 16, 2017 to be exact we had an amazing, emotional, joyful, exciting, major life changing experience.  We adopted our fourth and youngest child!  Now, we have been living the life of having four children for over two years, and maybe it doesn't change anything physically but emotionally I think the biggest weight is off our shoulders and knowing that everything is finalized and our daughter finally shares our last name is so exciting!    

This is in front of the courthouse after the hearing! 

This is an interesting story how this all came to happen, you see just a little over two years ago our family was the perfect size, we were busy, happy and our three biological children were all school age and mostly independent and our family life was in routine.  We were comfortable with things with how we were.. My oldest in high school, my middle child in middle school and my youngest in elementary, that seems busy enough right?  Three schools, three different friend groups, activities, and parenting challenges, my new business keeping me busy, my husband career and his traveling at an all-time high, we couldn't possibly take on anything else.  Well, until one evening at a friends home for a Halloween party 2013, they walk in the door with the cutest, chubbiest, pink cheeked, bright blue eyed baby girl (just turned one) dressed as a Care Bear.  That meeting of this sweet little chunky monkey changed my world forever.  

You see,  " Princess A" was a foster child, our friends were a temporary kinship placement home while social services and the family were trying to work on returning custody of this precious little one.  I thought to myself, I need to know more, how can I be involved, or help this little girl in anyway during such a stressful time.  It actually is not easy to find out much about a child in Social Services unless you are licensed, which we were not, but I continually pursued how to contact the right person. Because here is the perfectly healthy baby and in a few months do not know where she will be placed, how long it will take to be reunited with her family, and this is only ONE CHILD, there are thousands of children going through the very same circumstances.  

I had to help, I had to know more about this baby, I could not get her
 off my mind.  

Well, less than two months later, we received a call from our friends, stating they could no longer foster "Princess A", she needs a home, would you take her in?  

Did we think long and hard about it?  NO, I answered immediately YES, it was that simple for us to decide.  I mean we all chatted briefly about it, but also all of my children and husband knew and loved this little girl, we saw her as frequently as possible.  It was exciting to be a part of this, and think of the  possibility she could be with us forever, but if not, we were  going to help while we could.   So we were put in training, and had home studies and interviews and less than a month later this waddling little toddler entered our front door and we were smitten!   

 We had very short time to all of a sudden recreate a toddler friendly home, a baby bed had to be purchased, furniture, clothing, diapers, toys, stroller, all of it!  We made it happen, somehow... I think all of our friends and family were in shock and maybe even disbelief.  I am not sure how everyone felt about it, we were so busy doing, we didn't have time to worry. My daughter at the time was 13 years old and offered to share her room, so we created a room that worked for both of them without interfering with her style (she is a teenager after all).  Everyone was so excited.  

Our home was suddenly flooded with plastic bright toys EVERYWHERE!!

This is her first week with us.

So over the past two years,  I had to change my schedule and lifestyle and work around having a baby in the house again.  I was able to take time off (about a year) from my business and just focus on her and our new family life.  It has been hectic, of course.  For example while trying to potty train her I was looking at colleges with my oldest son. Talk about a full circle!!  Besides everything you have to do personally, I also had to deal with all the requirements constantly from Social Services.  Each week I had to take her to a supervised visit with her biological parents. We had to go to court meetings and hearings every couple of months, we had to have house checks, and licensing visits  and training and moving my schedule around constantly,  it kind of felt like and invasion of our space and life... But finally in August of 2016 the biological parental rights were removed and we applied for adoption so she could be a forever part of our family.  

Yes, the past couple of years have been  crazy, fun, exhausting, emotionally draining, hard work and so many more emotions as well.  But, the best possible outcome for everyone involved was our precious gift and most special day for our family.  

February 16, 2017 will always be a special celebration day.  We finally are a family of 6... legally!  

This of course is the short and sweet version of this story and I hope to write a bit more detailed to share one day, all about the foster care system and adoption process. 

Today, I just wanted to share the fun and a few pics of our special story!  

My Family.

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Congrats! I loved hearing this story. We have tried to have children for a few years now and have not been successful. We have been considering foster to adopt and after reading your success story I think it has really helped to assure me that positive can come from the process. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much! I do hope this story inspires others... Our story of course not perfect but its "ours"... I do encourage you to contact me if you have any other questions ever about the process in detail. And best of luck for your future family!! Blessings. Jeanne